Why Are Garmin Smartwatches So Expensive?

Have you heard the name of the Tactix 7 smartwatch, which costs almost 1600 US Dollars? Well, this watch is neither from Rolex nor Fossil, it is from Garmin. Yes, a company that not so many people are prevalent with. Whereas tech giants like Samsung and Apple dominate the smartwatch market, it is obvious, not knowing the name of the Garmin smartwatch, if you aren’t an adventure enthusiast.

What Features Make Garmin Smartwatches Expensive?

Now, the question is, how does Garmin stand still even with such an expensive price tag? And what actually made them so expensive? To answer these questions, we are going to talk about the reasons behind Garmin smartwatches being so expensive and still dominating in their criteria.


Guess, what could be the first reason? Design? Durability? Or long-lasting battery life? We say none of these. The primary reason why Garmin smartwatches are so expensive is their accuracy.

Garmin spends a lot of time and money zeroing in on developing the best software to make their smartwatch stand out from other brands’ wearables.

When you compare them with other well-known smartwatches, you will notice significant differences between them in terms of accuracy. Why is that? Because Garmin implants advanced algorithms to track intense activities with high precision. Another example we can give is their Aviator series, which cost almost two thousand dollars. And, the main purpose of this watch is to help pilots by providing accurate data. But, whatever the reason is, two thousand dollars for a single watch? Obviously, a pilot can not rely on a 300 to 400 dollars smartwatch. They can deliver accurate stats but not like Garmin’s advanced smartwatches.


Easy Navigation

Another reason is the navigation system. For those who don’t know, Garmin sells not only expensive smartwatches but also affordable ones too. Even at the lower price range, you will get decent GPS attributes that other smart timepieces fail to deliver. If Garmin Can deliver such GPS in their affordable watches think about the premium models. Premium models like Garmin Fenix, Tactix, Epix, and Enduro have many downloadable TOPO maps with the name of streets, shops, etc.

Aside from that, the GPS system includes live tracking, checkpoints, trackback, and many more. Not just that, these expensive smartwatches utilize GNSS which stands for Global Navigation Satellite System. With this system, these watches are capable enough to get the signals from various navigation satellites, so you get the most meticulous data in a breeze. Also, some recent Garmin smartwatches support Multi-Band GPS, and that works pretty accurately even if you are in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, that doesn’t mean the GPS tracking from Samsung, Apple, and Fitbit is not impressive. We are just saying Garmin smartwatches might hit you differently. 

Easy Navigation

So, we can affirm that Garmin smartwatches are designed with easy navigation features that allow users to access the device’s various functions and features without any hassle.


Another reason for Garmin watches being so expensive is the very best in terms of outdoor activities. But why is that so you ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple, which is durability. You can find some brands that deliver durability but not like Garmin to withstand harsh and extreme environments. Garmin uses premium materials to build its smartwatches. As a result, you will notice the Garmin smartwatches are rather bulkier than timepieces from Samsung, Apple, Amazfit, and many more.

For example, you can find fiber-reinforced polymer in so many Garmin smartwatches, which distinguishes itself by being costly and hard to produce. Also, they come with stainless steel bezels that last for a longer time without getting any scratches. Even wristbands boast pure silicone to provide the best comfort compared to others. Now the thing is, you can find these materials in Samsung and Apple smartwatches but they do not ensure the best of the best like Garmin. We are not done, there is more. Garmin smartwatches have worthy to praise screen protection. Garmin uses tempered sapphire, and gorilla glass DX, which are not only 100 percent transparent but also scratch and shatter-resistant. They even have the highest dust and waterproof rating.

With the recent update, it now has some great facilities for travel lovers- it now provides Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Enhancements, Jet Lag Adviser, Sleep Score, and Sunrise/Sunset Widget Enhancements. By combining all these materials, Garmin smartwatches have passed military tests with ease. 


But that is not all. Garmin smartwatches come with various handy apps to help you with both indoor and outdoor activities. Among them, Garmin Connect, Garmin Pay, and Garmin Coach are the most famous ones. Garmin Connect IQ 4.0 update includes new watch faces, data fields, and apps for Garmin smartwatches. Still, there is more to get like a trail run VO2 max, adventure racing app, climbpro, pacepro, heat and altitude acclimation, etc. they also come with built-in sports apps to track running, swimming, biking, hiking, golfing, surfing, and many many more. The main point is, that you are getting all of these without buying any subscription. Even you will get tired by looking at their specs list.

Garmin Apps

Run Time

Now, have you ever seen a smartwatch that can run for more than a month? Well, Garmin’s latest smartwatch, Enduro 2 can. In smartwatch mode, it can be alive for up to 34 days and 46 days with solar. Yes, a solar system that no other smartwatch boasts yet. Plus, when GPS mode is on, Garmin smartwatches are longer lasting than many other timepieces. For example, Enduro 2 again.

Why is Garmin so Expensive?

In short – “You wouldn’t find any other smartwatches in the market that delivers 100s of fitness and activity features with precise accuracy. They are also three times more durable than most other smartwatches. However, if you are a very rough and tough watch user, the Garmin smartwatch is definitely for you. These are the top reason, why Garmin smartwatches are so expensive.”

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