Garmin Instinct Crossover vs Fossil Machine Gen 6: A New Era of Analog Watch!

Garmin Instinct Crossover vs Fossil Machine Gen 6

This is Instinct Crossover from Garmin, which is a rugged smartwatch with analog hands. It is even way different from the previous models. So, when Garmin first came up with the instinct, it was pretty different from other Garmin smartwatch series with a retro style design. And, this time they are taking the series one step further by combining the Instinct with the Vivomove Sport. As the name suggests, it is basically a baffling combo of hybrid analog and a multisport GPS watch. Anyway, just like this brand-new smartwatch, there are some other hybrid smartwatches that are available in the market. For example, you can take the Machine Gen 6 from Fossil, which also came to the surface this year. 

Garmin Instinct Crossover vs Fossil Machine Gen 6

So, we are going to compare two smartwatches Garmin Instinct Crossover and Fossil Machine Gen 6 to find out which one offers more.

Specification Garmin Instinct CrossoverFossil Machine Gen 6
CaseFiber-reinforced polymerStainless-Steel
Strap MaterialSiliconStainless Steel
Displaymonochrome, sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP), 176 x 176 pixels1.1″ E-ink / 240 x 240 (218 PPI) with backlight
Battery LifeSmartwatch: Up to 28 days Battery Saver Watch Mode: Up to 71 days GPS: Up to 25 hours Max BatteryGPS Mode: Up to 111 hours Expedition GPS Activity: Up to 40 daysUp to 2 weeks (Based on usage), Charge Time 50 min to 80%
Water Rating10 ATM3 ATM + 10k swim paddle test

Design and Durability

Design-wise, the Instinct Crossover is bold and rugged, what we exactly expect from Garmin. The most noticeable thing is, it now has analog hands on the high-resolution digital display with smart functionality. Also, these hands are luminescent, so they glow in the dark. Alongside that, you will have a dual-layered bezel. The Instinct Crossover comes with five physical buttons, which is pretty much common for every Garmin smartwatch. You will also have military-grade durability, including 10 ATM water resistance, thermal, and shock resistant.

Whereas, the Machine Gen 6 is a stylish hybrid analog smartwatch with a sophisticated design. You know, we think this kind of smartwatch is not for regular users unless you are a celebrity. Because it focuses on more style rather than offering hefty health and activity features. Moreover, this watch has a nice rigid bezel and on the right side, it boasts three physical buttons. Though the middle button looks like a crown, it doesn’t actually rotate. It has only 3ATM water resistance. So, compared to Instinct Crossover’s durability, the Gen 6 is nothing.

Garmin Instinct Crossover
Garmin Instinct Crossover

Health and Activity Features

Well, Garmin never disappoints when it is all about activity tracking. You get a wide range of Garmin’s fitness and health features, including HRV Status, Body Battery, VO2 Max, Daily Workout Suggestions, and many more. Not only that, you can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and stress quality, so you can see if you are having a calm, balanced, or stressful day. 

On the other hand, the Machine Gen 6 also allows you to track your overall health and wellness with an improved heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep quality. So here, you are not getting a load of health and activity features compared to the Instinct Crossover. Actually, that does not matter, if you are not a hardcore outdoor adventurer.

Furthermore, on both smartwatches, you can receive smartphone notifications, and weather updates, and can control your music right from your wrist. Also, both watch supports automatic time zone and calendar syncing. Plus, the built-in Amazon Alexa on Machine Gen 6 can allow you to get a little extra help.

Fossil Machine Gen 6
Fossil Machine Gen 6

GPS System

The Garmin Instinct Crossover has Multi-GNSS support, so you will have access to multiple global navigation satellite systems whether you are hiking or skiing. Not only that, you can even navigate your next trail with ABC sensors, including an altimeter, barometer, and 3-axis electronic compass. On the other hand, the Fossil Machine Gen 6’s GPS relies on the smartphone.

Battery Life

Coming to battery life. We don’t know if there are any smartwatches that can beat the Garmin smartwatch in battery life. Anyway, the brand-new Instinct Crossover delivers up to 28 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and with GPS mode, it can run for up to 111 hours. Whereas, the Machine Gen 6 can give you up to 2 weeks of battery life.

Final Verdict

Garmin Instinct Crossover vs Fossil Machine Gen 6: Which One Should You Pick?

“In short – The Garmin Instinct Crossover is something that you can use both indoors and outdoors. It is bold, robust, and also comes with military standard durability. Not only that, it has a Multi-GNSS GPS to guide you in unparalleled situations. Whereas, the Fossil Machine Gen 6 is more focused on style with a heart rate sensor and SpO2. Basically, it is for those who love to get smart features in a classic watch.”

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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