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Nafiul Haque

Nafiul Haque has grown up playing on all the major gaming platforms. And he got his start as a journalist covering all the latest gaming news, reviews, leaks, etc. As he grew as a person, he became deeply involved with gaming hardware and equipment. Now, he spends his days writing about everything from reviewing the latest gaming laptops to comparing the performance of the latest GPUs and consoles.
How Apple Could Dominate the Gaming Industry

How Apple Could Dominate the Gaming Industry?

Apple makes machines for creatives, in other words, mostly for work. The tech giant once tried to enter the gaming world and failed miserably....
Why the Facebook App is So Buggy

Why the Facebook App is So Buggy? Especially on Android

With over 2.93 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide. But even with that astonishing number, it's sad...
USB-C is Great for iPhone Users! Apple Doesn't Think the Same

USB-C is Great for iPhone Users! Apple Doesn’t Think the Same

Since the iPhone 5, Apple has remained loyal to the Lightning port, despite much of the industry moving over to USB-C. Well, now it...
Tractive GPS for Cats and Dogs

Tractive GPS for Dogs and Cats: Never Lose Your Pet Again

One of our biggest fears as pet owners is losing our pets after they have strayed off pursuing their insatiable curiosity. Unfortunately, these incidents...
Why Software Companies Are Making Hardware

Why Software Companies Are Making Hardware?

Recent years have been a great reminder that big companies, which once focused entirely on software, have become serious about making hardware. Of course,...
How Apple Changed TSMC

How Apple Changed TSMC – TSMC’s Success by Apple

In 2008 Apple acquired a small fabless PowerPC chip design company called PA Semi for 278 million dollars. Two years later they debuted their...
Why Does Google Struggles With Hardware

Why Does Google Struggles With Hardware?

So, by google, what comes first in your mind? Either the search bar that you use daily or Gmail that keeps knocking on your...
Story of The World First Commercial Flying Car

Story of The World’s First Commercial Flying Car

Flying cars has always been a dream for human beings! Now with technological advancement, that dream is slowly becoming a reality! Humans have witnessed...
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: 7 Most Useful Stylus Features You Didn’t...

With smartphones being more powerful day by day, Samsung set a new level for its users by introducing the galaxy S22 ultra. It's a...
The Rise of Online Scams and Fraud

The Unstoppable Rise of Online Scams and Fraud Costs Billions

From shipping frauds to account takeovers, every aspect of online scams has been through the roof in recent times. Although users and companies are...
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