Why Apple Watch Dominates the Smartwatch Market?


Apple, the revolutionary company is widely recognized because of its supreme products and premium quality services. And, their Apple Watch seems to be the most popular among smartwatches. Though the price range of Apple products remains a bit high compared to others, their services ensure every single penny is worth it. As per new data of Counterpoint Research, Apple Smartwatches continue to retain its position as the leading smartwatch by occupying almost 51.4% of the market share. You might ask how! Head over to know what reasons we have uncovered as to why Apple Watch dominates the smartwatch market.

Starting with the pioneer, Apple watches were first launched in 2015, and since then, they have been constantly evolving with more features and health sensors. Every time the design was redefined and the features were more advanced that certainly makes Apple Watch the best in the business. A report published by counterpoint research showed that Apple leads the smartwatch market in terms of shipment. The figure shows that Apple Watch accounted for an estimated 51.4% of global smartwatch market revenue during the first two quarters of 2020. You can clearly see the utmost domination of Apple in the smartwatch market. Tech giants like Huawei, Garmin that provide fitness products were left way behind by Apple in terms of revenue gained.

Source: www.statista.com

From stylish looks to extreme comfort, or fitness tracking to accurate health sensors, the apple watch seems to be dominating in every aspect of smartwatch features. Let’s see a glimpse of what Apple offers to the consumers with their latest release, Apple Watch Series 6. The Apple Watch 6 is built with an updated S6 system in a package chip that is based on Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset. It is 20 times faster than the previous S5 chip and launches apps at a faster rate. It also features an always-on OLED display that gives you clear visualization even in the bright sunlight. The transitions of apps are supersmooth and there is no stuttering at all. The Series 6 is light and comfortable on the wrist even when you are on the bed or asleep.

Apple Watch Series 6 features a black ceramic and crystal back that holds multiple sensors for heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and ECGs. The blood oxygen sensor is the newest feature in this watch. You can measure your oxygen saturation of blood within 15 seconds with up to 90% accuracy. Another key feature is the ECG rate sensor, which is so accurate even some doctors tend to trust in its results.

Apart from these features, Apple continuously updates their watch with the latest software update. These updates enhance the watch face and fix bugs overall. You can still install the latest update WatchOS 7.3 on your Apple Watch 3 which is currently available on Apple Watch SE. It means you can always keep your watch up to date. Once you become a part of the watch series, you won’t have to upgrade to the latest version too often.

apple watch dominates

Another reason that will make you more attached to Apple Watches is their whole ecosystem. You can connect with iPhones or Airpods through the smartwatch very swiftly. The watch lets you control music, notifications, and a lot more without any complications. With all these features and updates, don’t you think Apple deserves to be the top-selling company? In my opinion, they dominate the smartwatch sector because every year they come up with new health sensors, new chips that provide a better experience and keep the design simple with a glorious finish.

The Apple Watch stands on top compared to other available watches for displaying more notifications, running third-party apps, and allowing more opportunities in terms of keeping track of your health and fitness. They always tend to offer more to their consumers. So, if you are the kind of person who is more concerned about health and fitness and also don’t tend to upgrade to the next very soon, then undoubtedly, the Apple Watch is the best option.

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