why airpods pro is best

Why Apple AirPods Pro is The Best in It’s Class?

AirPods pro has been a massive hit since its launch. It gave users a very good experience in terms of ...

Audio Gaming

Why a Good Headset is Important for Gaming?

Are you not satisfied with the sound quality of your gaming? Or, you are unable to spot targets due to ...

Audio Market of Anker

Audio Device Market of Anker: How Good are They in Audio Segment?

When it comes to the best audio device, the first brand name that pops into your mind can be Sony. ...

story of the sony walkman

The Story of the Sony Walkman

Walkman is a brand and also the pioneer of portable media players manufactured by Sony. The first Walkman was released ...

What is dolby atmos explained

What is Dolby Atmos and How It Works?

If you own a smart TV or a sound system at home, you may have seen the Hi-Fi stereo or ...


Do You Really Need ANC Earbuds?

When you’re out on the market to grab a brand new pair of earbuds but easily get confused with the ...

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