Creative Sound Blaster Blaze Review: Budget Gaming Headset

Creative Sound Blaster Blaze Review

Whether you are a competitive or just a casual gamer, having a decent headset can surely make a difference when it comes to in-game immersion. By the word decent, we are referring to several different aspects such as weight, comfort, and build quality no matter how good the headphone sounds. These aspects do make a difference as you need to feel comfortable while listening to it. 

On the review table today, we have the Sound Blaster Blaze from Creative, a well-rounded gaming headset with solid build quality that is incredibly comfortable to game with. Hence, we have thoroughly explained every little detail about it.

The headphone itself is pretty well packaged fitted into a red plastic enclosure, tied with cable ties. Apart from that, nothing much is inside the box other than the user manuals, detached microphone, and the audio jacks attached with the headset including a 2.5-meter cable. 

Design and Aesthetics

The overall design of this gaming headset, specifically the matte black finishing, looks quite minimal. The Creative branding is placed beautifully in the headband, adding a minimal touch to the aestheticity. And then we also have the red, arrow shaped vibrant Sound Blaster logo that can be seen on both of the earpads that go with the black exposure perfectly.

Looking at the microphone, it can be seamlessly moved to a position you see fit, or you can just take it out all thanks to its detachable design if you feel like it.

The audio controls are located in the cable and house the volume control wheel along with the microphone on and off slider.

Comfort & Adjustability

Sound blaster blaze is all about comfort. It features plush velvet padding that although might appear firm at first but does an amazing job to keep your ears comforted in gaming marathons. The flexible earcups are designed in such a way that it conceals your ears completely for a perfect fit and does a decent job of noise-isolation.

The durable plastic headband also has that cushiony padded reinforcement for a perfect overall fit. The Slider can be pulled down or pushed back up for perfect custom fit. Weighing only about 7.8 Ounces, the headset barely has any weight and feels completely lightweight while you wear it.


To hear in-game footsteps and enjoy highly detailed immersive audio, a well-sounding gaming headset is a must-have gear for the gamers. And the Sound Blaster Blaze doesn’t disappoint at all.

Equipped with 40-millimeter FullSpectrum Neodymium Drivers, this headset is able to produce bass-thumping audio that honestly is impressive coming out of a 40 dollar headset.

With a frequency response rate of 20Hz to 20KHz, the positional audio does feel accurate and precise which will come in handy while playing competitive games like Counter Strike or Valorant.


The detachable microphone offers noise-cancellation and significantly reduces background chatters and noise so that your squad can hear you loud and clear. With up to 18KHz frequency response, the audio appears quite clear.


As this headset incorporates separate jacks for the audio and microphone, it is ideal for this headset to be used with a PC platform. And if you want to use it with other gaming platforms like the Playstation 5 or XBOX Series X, we suggest that you get a Y splitter that will enable you to use it with consoles.

Final Thoughts

Sound Blaster Blaze performed remarkably well compared to other similar gaming headsets at this price range. Though the sound quality could be better, the comfort and flexible ear-cups balance things out, making this headset a good well-rounded one. If you are in for a minimal yet potent gaming headset, we recommend going for the headset over others. And if audio quality is of top priority, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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