Sony WF-1000XM4 First Impression and Review: The King of ANC Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM4 review

If you are a fan of noise-canceling earbuds then you probably already know about the Airpods Pro, as no other earbud does noise-canceling better than them. That is until Sony stepped into the picture to claim the coveted crown of Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) with their highly anticipated WF-1000XM4 earbuds.

These new buds have excellent noise cancellation, even better sound quality, and longer battery life than the previous model. And they come in the usual Sony colors of black with rose gold accents or a light gray option. In this article, we will be showing all the features and upgrades Sony brought with the WF-100XM4 earbuds.

Starting with the design, Sony has made a massive redesign to their Airpods competitor. The earbud has become 10% smaller than its predecessor. Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic design to fit perfectly into your ears. The previous generation was a bit bulky whereas these new ones firmly stay in their place. And speaking of the ear tips, they are very comfortable with their mixture of silicon and foam. They deserve their title of being Noise Isolation earbuds. But, you may be wondering how do you control your music? Well, the touch capacitive panel is ultra-responsive, and you can quite easily tune in to your favorite tracklist.

The case has also become 40% smaller, and you can feel the difference when compared to the previous model. There is a single LED indicator at the front of the case that lets you know how much charge it has. Sony has added some exciting new features to its XM4 earbuds so that you can have the best music experience. It comes with Sony’s integrated V1 processor to ensure a rich audio quality. With the latest driver units, it can deliver mesmerizing sounds and punchy beats to boost your tracks. And to further enhance your music experience, these buds offer HI-RES audio for exceptional listening.

Sony WF-1000XM4

Equipped with DSEE EXTREME technology, it uses AI to reproduce high accuracy frequency from the original sound source that was lost during compression. Through this, it can upscale compressed audio files to deliver a high-resolution sound quality. The most notable feature of the XM4 is its Active Noise Cancelation, which is undoubtedly industry-leading. It can immediately separate you from the rest of the world and create a void of silence. So, no matter where you are or how noisy it is, you can always enjoy your music to the fullest wearing these Sony earbuds.

It also features an Adaptive Sound Control technology that allows you to adjust and control the ambient sounds around you. For instance, if you are walking around the city, you can keep the ambient sound mode on to know what’s happening around you. If you are waiting somewhere, simply turn on the music and announcement mode to never miss an important notification. You can also set up your preferred sound settings for your favorite places. All you have to do is register the area and settings from the companion App.

While watching your favorite shows or movies, these buds will surround you with its amazing 360 Reality Audio that will give you an immersive 360-degree listening experience. Plus, it is IPX4 certified to protect these buds against water and rain when you are outside.

These wonderful buds come with a bone conduction sensor that detects vibration and recognizes when you speak. This will immediately pause your music whenever you start talking. Powered by the latest Bluetooth technology, it allows a solid wireless connection while you enjoy your music. So, you won’t ever have any latency issues while listening to them. It also ensures excellent call quality during both voice and video calls so that your important Zoom meetings stay crystal clear. For more convenience, the buds are compatible with voice assistance, so that you can have a hands-free user experience.

This new generation of Sony earbuds offers an excellent battery capacity for a longer listening time. With a single charge and ANC on, you can use these buds for up to 8 hours straight. And with its rechargeable case, you get a total of 24 hours of usage out of them, which is better than any other earbuds available in the market. You can also extend its battery life by listening with the ANC off to get an additional playtime of up to 8 hours. Its fast-charge technology ensures an hour of playback time from only five minutes of charging. As for recharging the case, it can be done both wired or wirelessly.

With all of its excellent features, the Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds are definitely one of the best earbuds available in the market right now. It trumps all of its competitors, even the Apple Airpods Pro, with its Active Noise Cancelation technology. The only real drawback is its premium price tag. But for an exceptionally high-class pair of earbuds, that is to be expected. In our opinion, it’s worth the money.

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