Do You Really Need ANC Earbuds?


When you’re out on the market to grab a brand new pair of earbuds but easily get confused with the tons of available options! You may have noticed that some of them have ANC and some don’t. You might be wondering what it is, and do you actually need ANC earbuds? Let’s have a deeper look at the necessity of ANC earbuds without wasting any more time.

What ANC is and How it Works?

First of all, let’s talk about what ANC is and how it works! Active Noise Cancelation is the full form of ANC. It’s a technology based on the principle of Wave Phase Cancelation and designed to reduce unwanted sound from the ambient while delivering smooth audio into your ears. It’s all crafted to let you pause the background noise, so that you can immerse yourself in isolation and concentrate on your job with peace of mind.

If you have a closed-ear or in-ear headphone, then you may already experience that, they fully seal your ears, which means you’re totally disconnected from the world while playing music. For some reason, many users listen to their track at a high volume by replicating the noise cancelation effect to get rid of the ambient noise.

Though this habit can impact hearing over time. And if you’re walking on the street or sitting in a terminal, then there are high chances that you may miss an important announcement or encounter an unwanted situation. So you need to be aware from time to time. But if you have a good pair of earbuds with better active noise canceling features, you can hear a fuller, crisper, and vibrant sound at a healthier volume level, which is undoubtedly good for your health. Even with the hybrid ANC technology, also known as a transparency mode, you can enjoy your favorite music while you can stay aware of your surroundings, allowing you to stay connected with the world.

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Closed-back or closed-ear headphones like Sony MDR 7506 & Sennheiser HD 206 work as a noise cancelation, but they are pretty much bulky & not designed to use while on the move. They need continuous power to run, and for that, your phones, tabs, or laptops can run out of fuel pretty fast. And, Yeah, the hassle of tangled wire is a regular headache. However, you may also find or hear about Noise Reduction Headphones, which can’t deliver better isolation than ANC earbuds.

On the other hand, Earbuds like Liberty Air 2 Pro, Galaxy Earbuds, or Apple Airpods Pro come in a compact construction & extended battery life that makes them easy to carry for those who travel a lot or need a lightweight solution. They are designed to deliver optimum isolation from a noisy environment that you might be looking for. The best part is, these devices run on their own built-in battery, allowing you to stay away from tangled wires.

Moreover, if you work at your home, or a silent closed room where outside sounds barely come in, then you may don’t need ANC features. For you, non-ANC earbuds like half-ear t15 or headphones like JBL Tune 500 could be an ideal option as they can deliver the best audio quality in their class. And you can grab them at a surprisingly affordable price range.

The Bottom Line

ANC earbuds are fantastic gadgets, without any doubt. Though they are pretty much expensive, the features they provide make it fair enough to be considered. But one question still remains, whether you should get ANC earbuds or not? Well, it depends on what kind of environment you’re in. Suppose you’re in your room or office, where outside noise barely comes in, and if you have an in-earbud the chances are, you are not going to need ANC earbuds. But suppose you’re a person who is always on the move or wants peace of mind to stay focused on your job. In that case, Active Noise Cancelling earbuds can be your ideal solution as they let you enjoy an immersive audio experience, no matter wherever you are.

Yet, if you are questioning about that extra splurge for ANC earbuds then know that they will dramatically enhance the in-flight experience whether you are listening to music or audiobooks. Now it is up to you on deciding whether you really need ANC earbuds or not.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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