Why Apple AirPods Pro is The Best in It’s Class?

why airpods pro is best

AirPods pro has been a massive hit since its launch. It gave users a very good experience in terms of audio quality, comfortability, runtime, and other different functionalities which are hardly comparable to other earbuds on the market. Even though the AirPods Pro was a successful project for Apple, many people did have some complaints regarding the earbuds. But taking its success rate under consideration, it seems like the AirPods pro is kind of unbeatable. Released on October 30, 2019, the AirPods pro came as the leader of active-noise cancelation. Its Transparency mode is even more accurate, or you can say, pristine, as you can literally hear what’s happening around you. The model was precisely refined in terms of the details of comfort, which created a new class of in-ear headphones with a customizable fit that forms an exceptional seal for the active-noise cancelation. You will feel the music, not the headphones.

Talking about ANC or active-noise cancelation, let us demonstrate a point where we will compare the fit of the AirPods pro with Sony WF-1000XM3, which happens to be a very good quality earbud, but not as good as the AirPods pro. You may ask why? Cause, after all, it’s just about preferences, right? Well, it seems like when you talk about listening to music, it’s not just about the audio quality that’s been delivered, but it’s the overall experience that needs to be put into perspective.

For the WF-1000XM3, we have to admit that this earbud has got great sound quality, not to mention its premium build quality and 24-hour battery life, including the charging case. And moreover, its Digital Noise Cancelation has been industry-leading, which ensures incredible clarity in your music. Additional microphones also assist in isolating sound while talking on the phone, resulting in a significant improvement in call quality. It has also got built-in Amazon Alexa for any kind of help online or offline. However, there are so many other features of the 1000XM3 that people liked as well. But let’s be a little bit naive about this earbud and bring the most frustrating part about it to light.


Well, alongside just listening to music, you also look forward to using your earbuds for physical exercise, right? Because when you decide to have a pair of earbuds for yourself, you also concentrate on having a training session regularly, like- running, cycling and what not! And in order to do all of these, you must ensure that you have a snug fit. This is where Sony’s earbuds lag behind and the AirPods pro leads the race to the finish line. Because the XM4 has been very much incautious in this feature and was not able to ensure a secure fit leading to unwanted incidents like- falling off the earbuds from your ear while cycling. Also if you are someone who keeps forgetting things all the time or unaware of the earbuds then these are not perfect for you. Better you get a pair of AirPods pro for yourself because it’s got the best fit for you and nothing comes in front of it when it’s all about having a perfect fit while exercising or in extreme music sessions.

Talking earlier about having a customizable fit of the AirPods pro, it gets even more justified as it’s got 3 different sizes of soft, flexible silicone tips that click into place. Also, the vents on the upper surface of the AirPods pro help equalize the pressure and you will feel like there’s nothing in your ears. And this does not end here, you can also use the ‘Ear Tip Fit Test’ to create an optimized listening experience. Designed specifically to keep up with you, the AirPods Pro is water and sweat-resistant, while featuring an expanded mesh microphone port which improves call clarity in airy conditions. This prominent feature of the AirPods pro makes it more reliable to consumers as the busy commercial life gets a lot easier with these earbuds.

If you lead a diligent corporate life most of the time of your day and don’t get to figure out when the battery life of your AirPods pro is getting drained, then Apple has also got you covered with 24 hours of battery life including the charging case itself. And if your AirPods pro starts the day with low power, then you will instantly get the notification in your iPhone, letting you know that your AirPods pro is losing power. You will also have an hour of listening time on only a 5-minute quick charge. Some of the demerits about the Apple AirPods were the long stalk and broad earpiece which, according to the consumers, had never been a good idea. But Apple noticed that complaint and redesigned the AirPods pro with a compact stalk so that it does not look ridiculous in your ears and reanimated the earpiece with silicon tips that made it look cooler than before, resulting in a very efficient product. However, in terms of color, the smartphone market has already started getting acquainted with the matte finish, and that getting blended into the AirPods pro will surely look amazing, which Apple should take into consideration.

Upon completion, it’s very understandable that the AirPods pro has been performing very well in different parameters. Because the features that it has to offer surely have the ability to blow anyone’s mind. And it’s not quite necessary that you only have to concentrate on its price, but if you consider enjoying its features to your heart’s content, then it goes without saying that the AirPods Pro is the very best in its class.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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