Why True Wireless Stereo(TWS) Earbuds are Trending?

TWS Earbuds Why Are They Trending

With manufacturers coming up with brand-new earbuds that differ from each other in terms of specs, sound quality, build, battery and pricing, we can see how the idea is a delectable piece of pie; apparently, everyone wants a piece of it. TWS earbuds, a concept that suddenly came out of nowhere and started walking around like it practically owned the market! But, with such amazing results and seemingly thousands of units of earbuds being sold worldwide on a regular basis, no one can deny the impact of these little audio units! But the question is, what made TWS earbuds such a big deal and an almost instantaneous overnight success? Go through this article today to find out why TWS earbuds are trending nowadays!

Aah, yes, TWS earbuds. Chances are, you’re using one right now. These beautiful, compact, and elegant little instruments are an almost inseparable accessory for the modern-day human, be they a regular working person or a downright audiophile. But what made these seemingly cute little buds have such a large impact?

Well, taking a trip down memory lane, it all started with Japan coming up with the Onkyo W800BT, the very first pair of truly wireless earbuds that introduced the rest of the world with the idea that “Hey, we could actually do what they’re doing…but better!” Of course, like almost all forms of 1st Gen technology, Onkyo W800BT didn’t actually BLOW UP the market, but what it did was plant an idea back in 2015, from which the manufacturers took inspiration and initially came up with what we are using today.

True Wireless Stereo Earbuds Trending

The trend actually started going mainstream after Apple’s announcement of AirPods, which made the whole world realize the need for TWS earbuds. The idea was further pushed by Apple when they removed the headphone jack entirely from their phones and stopped including a headphone with the phone, a trend that was soon followed by other companies. Gradually, the rest of the boys came down to play as well, as we saw the idea taken seriously by audio giants like Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, and Jabra. The result? A bunch of top-of-the-line earbuds that fit a plethora of advanced features in their tiny little bodies. Technological advancement not only limited the earbuds to only re-producing audio but to even reverse-engineering the method to indulge you in the sweet sounds of silence! Yes, you’re right; we are talking about active noise canceling, a feature that will elevate your standards to such a level you’ll be left thinking, how did you survive all these years without it?

And then there’s the liberating freedom from wires! Have you ever been in a situation where you put off your headphones inside of your pocket just to find them all tangled up, resulting in you wasting your precious minutes going through an infuriating process of untangling? Because if you did, we could almost spiritually relate to your frustration, which makes wireless earbuds a treat to people who have a thing for minimalism. With the liberation from wires, you’re also granted the ability to go full hands-free by receiving calls and controlling your music without fiddling with your phone.

Combine that with further technological developments, and you’ll have an idea of how far we have come regarding earbuds, as we can basically speak what we want and get that. How? The integration of voice assistants and the compatibility with technology like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa makes it possible for you to run every aspect of your entertainment devices with just simple voice commands!

However, with going wireless comes the question of latency, and to tackle that, the modern-day earbuds come integrated with the latest BlueTooth 5.2 technology. With it, you’ll be able to transfer larger amounts of information over lower bandwidth while consuming minimal power.

What happens when you use this in a pair of earbuds? UNLIMITED POWER. But wait, not really. What it’ll do, is drastically decrease your battery usage and provide a strong and solid connection over longer distances while minimizing latency to the point where you won’t be able to tell if it’s TRULY wireless. You might be wondering exactly how far can technology push these earbuds. Well, we’d suggest you take a look at the Duet 50 Pro from Back Bay cause when you realize how the case of these buds can hold a total of 130 hours of battery life.

Long story short, the earbuds market has hot hands right now, with demand and supply scaling evenly. With that, we, the consumers, are blessed with a ton of options to custom-fit our choice of earbuds. Do you want a long-lasting battery? Go for the aforementioned Duet 50 Pro from Back Bay! Want booming bass? Go with a Jabra Elite Want something for working out? Beats Fit Pro has got your back with strong water resistance and durability! Want the best of all nine realms? Why not go for the Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds to see why people love these buds so much? The possibilities are nearly endless, and these possibilities, combined with the rapidly evolving technological advancements, make this a truly, TRULY great time to be a melophile.

With all that, it’s no wonder the TWS earbuds are taking the world by storm and have been trending for a long time. The possibilities of customization and flexibility truly set these small little instruments apart from other audio peripherals. What kind of earbuds are you using right now? Do let us know the details and your experience with earbuds, as we would love nothing more than to hear your side of the story!

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