Tips to Get Better Performance on Echo Show

Tips to Get Better Performance on Echo Show 

Amazon Echo lineup is well-known & most popular for home automation among its users. Generally, two types of devices are here, one is Echo Dot and another is Echo Show. Echo Show Siblings have a top priority of these two kinds since they’re smashed with a Display and a speaker. There are tons of unrevealed perks that can improve your home automation & user experience simultaneously when you use one of them. But there are also some features that are not so necessary and can be annoying when you’re on a phone call or anything in between. So, if you disable them, your echo show devices won’t lack performance. Well, in this video, we’ll talk about some tips & features that you should disable right now! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Voice Recordings

Starting with voice recordings. Amazon still appears to integrate its users into its program using voice recordings by default for research purposes. However, suppose you’re concerned about your privacy. In that case, you’ll definitely feel uncomfortable with this data-gathering potential or won’t agree with the idea that a real person is listening to your daily interactions without notifying you. So, disabling this feature will be the best move.


After the voice recordings, let’s talk about the Drop-In. Without any doubt, it’s the most underrated feature that offers an awesome way to start an instant conversation with your Alexa Contacts or between your smart devices. It sounds cool when you try it for the first time. And, commonly, you may forget about your virtual visitors whom you permitted before so that they can drop in anytime, unannounced! Unless you really want to use it, you have to switch off the Drop-In.

Tips to Get Better Performance on Echo Show 


You may know hackers can hack your laptop cameras & other webcams as it is a notorious & one of the common methods of spying on people. But, the best part is all the echo show devices, including the newly launched Echo Show 15, come with a physical toggle that can disable the camera, offering a simple yet effective way to protect your privacy. Not only that, the Echo Show 10 3rd Gen & the Echo Show 15 both have a mic off button, which is designed to expand the privacy control to a whole new dimension. Impressive right?


During the last two years, Amazon has gradually increased the usage of Hunches, the follow-up inquiries Alexa asks after you interact. Recommendations that Alexa suggests can be useful in some cases, such as proposing to lock your door at night or suggesting an intelligent way to use timers. But they can also be frustrating and disturbing, especially if you’re on the phone and don’t want to have to tell your voice assistant to stop talking. To get rid of this irritating feature, just turn it off!

Bottom Line

So, these were some features that you should turn off from your echo show devices. Finally, we hope you have found this video insightful, and it can help you optimize your Echo Show. Visit our website for more exciting articles like this.

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