Amazon Echo Show 10 vs Google Nest Hub Max: Which One Should You Get?

Amazon Echo Show 10 vs Google Nest Hub Max

After smart speakers, smart displays have achieved enormous popularity among numerous users for managing your smart home devices, displaying useful bits of information throughout the day, or even playing music or video according to your preferences. The market is packed with a sheer number of smart displays from the prominent brands and the Amazon Echo Show 10 & Nest Hub Max from Google are the most popular devices among its users. Both of these gadgets offer almost similar specs and features, which might be confusing for you to choose the suitable one for yourself. To pick the right one, we’ll compare these two ones to find out the difference.


First of all, performance. If you compare the performance of these two devices, you’ll notice very minimal difference between them. Both have their unique features, making them the strong competitor among others. Such as the echo show 10 has a new feature called adaptive color, which can blend on-screen colors with the tone & hue of your room ambient. Apart from that, the Nest Hub Max can automatically (automatically dim brightness) dim the display to the same level of brightness as your room.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon Echo Show 10


Up next camera, Both the Echo Show 10 and Nest Hub Max can track your location as you move around a room. For the Nest Hub Max, this is mostly limited to video calls — the 6.5MP camera has a 127-degree wide-angle lens that can digitally zoom in on your face as you move. But it has some limitations such as, once you’re out of its sight during a video call, you have to come back in front of it, so that the Nest Hub Max can again perform along with you.

On the other hand, the Amazon Echo Show’s 13MP camera not only tracks you during calls, but moves its screen to follow you, as it has a motorized base with a speaker. The best part is, these features are very useful when you’re watching a cooking recipe from your favorite chef, or enjoying a video call with your loved ones.


Once you’re done with a video call or not using your smart display, you might be concerned about privacy. To ensure maximum privacy, Each has a physical switch to turn off the camera and mic but the Echo Show 10 only has a physical shutter, which can cover both its camera and mic altogether. Besides, the Nest Hub Max is operated by a built-in software, which disables mic & camera instead of covering them like the Echo Show 10. This lack may be easy to ignore for its unique face & voice recognition feature, which is very useful when multiple users, using it.

Google Nest Hub Max

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, these two smart home gadgets can deliver impressive sound. The Nest Hub Max will definitely create a space into your heart for its crisp, loud, & detailed sound delivery. However the Echo show 10 might fall a little behind in this race than the Nest Hub Max, but it also delivers excellent sound.

Form Factor

Let’s have a deep look into the construction and design of each device. The Echo Show 10 & Nest Hub max, both features almost the same size display and dimension. Which means both will take similar space but the echo shows 10 need more free space as it can rotate almost 360-degree & has a large base.

Final Verdict

So picking one from these two products is a very hard decision to make. They both have their pros and cons. For example, Echo Show 10 is able to provide better security with physical shutter and Google Nest Hub Max comes with better display quality and sound . During this comparison, they both performed equally so the result is tied and it’s totally justified.

Samiul Haque

Samiul Haque

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