Echo Show 15 Review: A Smart Speaker, Picture Frame, TV & More!

Echo Show 15

Once again, Amazon is adding a new addition to its Echo Show lineup and going big with its newly launched Alexa Device, called Echo Show 15. It’s designed to act as a central hub for all your family’s activities, can be used as a digital photo frame, and let you do a lot more things at a glance. In this article, we’ll review this amazing device, so


Starting with its design, the Echo Show 15 has a similar look to a digital photo frame rather than a smart speaker, which we’ve seen on the Echo Show 10. From our point of view, this Echo seems like an Elder cousin of the Facebook Portal. However, its large 15.6-inch, 1080p touch compatible display is meant to hang on the wall in both landscape & portrait mode or propped up on a table with an additional stand.

The Display

The display is designed to be short digital bulletin boards, where you can show upcoming events from the calendar, check the latest weather reports, and leave notes for your loved ones. All in one place! You can customize the screen according to your needs from the available widgets option. In addition, you can leave a message in Two different ways, such as command Alexa or type manually using the in-built keyboard! The amazing part is that the Echo Show 15 will show pictures from your amazon gallery or preloaded images and act as a Digital Photo Frame when the screen is inactive.

Video Calling

Your video calls will be more realistic since this smart display is equipped with a 5MP camera, and you can make calls directly using your voice commands. Here is a bitter path, the Echo Show 10 supports motion-tracking, which is missing in the Echo Show 15. This means it will not digitally pan & zoom to follow you around the room. So if you’re a person who likes to learn new cooking recipes or want to enjoy video chatting while moving around, then staying with the Echo Show 10 will be beneficial.

Other Features

The pre-built newest AZ2 processor enables it to perform more functions on devices, and one of them is Visual ID. It has the ability to recognize each family member, and simultaneously everyone can customize the display to their own preferences. You can wrap up yourself with the ultimate home entertainment and never feel bored since the echo show 15 will let you play your favorite videos from Prime Video or any third-party streaming service. Not only that, when you’re in a video call or watching your content, You can hear better though it has dual 1.6-inch side-firing speakers that deliver adequate sound every time.

Moreover, the echo show 15 lets you stream live feeds from home security cameras like a Nest Cam or video doorbells like an Arlo Video Doorbell. Usually, you won’t find this feature on any other smart displays. Plus, your echo show 15 can identify glass breaking sounds, smoke alarms, and a lot more! These welcome features expand your smart home security, as well as the overall experience. Without too many screen taps, controlling your smart home devices will be a piece of cake since you can do that by choosing a widget from the available option.

Final Verdict

Overall, the echo show 15’s has amazing features, a bigger display with decent performance, all in one at a fair price tag, which makes it apart from the crowd! So you should get it or not? Well, it’s up to you! If you want to stay updated with the latest tech & other features it offers, then you can grab one. But if you need something that can digitally pan and has a bigger speaker, then you can stick with your old echo device. 

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