Laptop vs Handheld Consoles: Which is Best for Portable Gaming?

Laptop vs. Handheld Console for Portable Gaming

As gaming laptops are very popular for portable gaming, handheld consoles have also exceeded expectations in recent years. These consoles can run almost any pc game with a decent framerate. So, you may have been wondering if you should get a laptop that comes with a relatively bigger screen or a handheld console for extremely easy travel because of its extremely compact nature. Today, we will talk about which one is better when it comes to portable gaming. So stay with us and watch till the end.


Laptops generally come with a bigger screen ranging from 13 to 17 inches or higher, while handheld consoles come with relatively smaller screens. So you need to set your priority on how large you want your screen to be. 



But there is a trade-off because of the screen size. Because laptops need more juice and processing power to power that big screen, so it gets more expensive when you veer towards the higher-end laptops. While handheld devices can provide almost the same performance at a cheaper price.

Diverse Usage

Gaming laptops are designed to handle multiple tasks, along with gaming. So you can use your laptop for productivity and large projects. On the other hand, handheld consoles are designed to play high-end video games with utmost comfort. Therefore, handheld devices are not going to be good for productivity. They will, however, produce less heat because of their game-friendly design and provide a smooth gaming experience. 

Gaming Performance

These days, Handheld consoles like Aya Neo pro are capable of running most pc games like God of war, and cyberpunk 2077 at more than 60 fps, raising the standards of portable gaming to a whole new level. Even though there are some limitations on accessing the game database, these super portable devices are only going to get better at it every day. As for laptops, you can access millions of games, modify files and get access to a variety of customizations..


Laptops like Asus Tuf Dash which offer high-resolution screens are going to provide very crisp and sharp images. Though handheld devices don’t provide that level of quality, since they use comparatively smaller and compact chips. Which is the sole reason why consoles are super portable. 

 Handheld Console


Laptops are bigger and heavier which takes quite a lot of space in your bag while traveling. However, consoles are far better in that aspect, since you can pack a console that will take up space as much as a tablet does. Consoles are plug and play, so you can play games instantly whenever you want, while laptops take more time when booting up or configuring game settings. 


Now let’s talk about interface options. A laptop uses a mouse and keyboard which is probably the best option for precise movements and competitive gameplay. The mechanics you get from a handheld console are designed for comfort and casual entertainment with your friends.

Final Verdict

So, if you are serious about gaming and ready to compensate for portability functions a little bit then a gaming laptop will probably suit you better. Laptops are far superior when it comes to high resolution, performance, and an immersive gaming experience. 

On the contrary, handheld consoles are very compact and easy to navigate. If you want a device that is light and travel-friendly that you can use for casual entertainment, then a handheld console will suffice, as they are capable of running most of the high-end games.

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