GPD Win 4 vs Aya Neo Slide: Which One To Get?

GPD Win 4 vs Aya Neo Slide

In a recent live stream, AYANEO showcased their plan for an upcoming handheld console, the AYANEO Slide, which includes a slide-up display with a keyboard underneath it. This is an interesting design choice as these handhelds look a lot like laptops. As a matter of fact, if you want to know how handhelds compare against laptops, then you can also check out this article on it to get a more in-depth understanding.

Just looking at the design of the AYANEO Slide, it reminds us of the design of the latest GPD handhelds. Because they have also revealed their upcoming flagship model GPD Win 4, which has a similar design to the AYANEO Slide.

GPD Win 4 vs Aya Neo Slide

So just in case, if you are curious about the performance of both of these portable PC gaming handhelds, then have a look at our today’s comparison between the AYANEO Slide and GPD Win 4.

SpecificationGPD Win 4Aya Neo Slide
CPUAMD Ryzen 6800URyzen 7 6800U
GPUAMD Radeon 680MRadeon 680M
Display6-inch, 1080p6-inch, 1080p


Now, if you are familiar with the classic PSP handheld, then you already know that GPD Win 4 is definitely inspired by that design, and it looks absolutely beautiful with the white back-lit keyboard. Both AYANEO Slide and GPD share a lot of similarities in terms of design and shape as they both come up with the slide-up display. But it also includes a few noticeable differences, such as the 45-degree screen angle, which the GPD WIN 4 doesn’t have. So it seems that the AYANEO Slide got more creative here, which is a really small update, yet a very useful one.  Besides that, the keyboard underneath the display looks excellent, with sleek LED lighting all around it. And, everything else on the AYANEO Slide seems pretty similar to their previous AYANEO Air model. 

From a design perspective, both these slide-up handhelds look absolutely fantastic. But, the 45-degree slide-up angle screen on the AYANEO Slide definitely is the most commendable feature compared to GPD Win 4’s flat screen.

GPD Win 4 vs Aya Neo Slide


Although AYANEO hasn’t disclosed much information about their upcoming AYANEO Slide handheld, they did share a few updates about their future plans for this console. In their recent live session, they mentioned that the new AYANEO Slide would be powered by Ryzen 7 6800U APU and Radeon 680M iGPU. Besides that, it will also have LPDDR5-6400 RAM support. So, being a modern portable gaming PC, AYANEO Slide definitely has the potential to stand out in its position. 

Surprisingly enough, if you look at the internal specs of the latest GPD Win 4 console, then you will see almost the same internal hardware as the AYANEO Slide, which are the Ryzen-7 6800U processor, Radeon 680M graphics chips and up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory support. So, in this case, performance on both sides is pretty similar, as they are using the same internal hardware. Other than that, the GPD Win 4 also includes up to 2 terabytes of NVMe SSD support and 45.62-watt hours of battery life. During heavy usage, it can give you back up roughly 2 hours at max and 3-6 hours on moderate usage. 

So it seems that there isn’t much difference between these consoles in terms of internal specification. For gaming, both these handhelds promise to deliver you a superior gaming experience.

Final Verdict

  • GPD Win 4 vs Aya Neo Slide: Which One to Buy?

In short, you can’t judge these handhelds based on performance, as they share similar internal hardware. At this point, everything will vary on the build quality and additional features that both these handhelds are willing to offer, and eventually, price tags will also play a huge role as well.

So, in this case, all we can do is wait till the actual release of both these consoles. And if you want a deep-dive buying guide on how to select a handheld console, hopefully, this link will help answer all your questions.

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