Ayaneo Next 2 Vs Steam Deck: Watch Out Valve!

AYANEO has dropped quite a lot of handheld consoles in the past few years and recently, they even showed us their plan for the upcoming flagship model AYANEO Next 2, although more details are yet to come. But, judging from the initial information, how well does it stand against the Steam Deck? Both Ayaneo Next 2 and Steam Deck are set to be fierce competitors in the handheld console gaming market. In this article, we are going to take a closer look into both the gaming consoles, their features, and pricing to help you find a suitable choice for your gaming needs.

What Differs Ayaneo Next 2 From Steam Deck?

Recently, AYANEO shared a few updates regarding design, including a few images as well. And, it seems a bit thicker and bulkier compared to its predecessor, AYANEO Next. But, is it going to be as thick and bulky as a Steam Deck? Potentially, because they did confirm that it’s coming with an 8-inch display, which is a bit larger than Steam Deck’s 7-inch diagonal display.

And there is a chance it might be even bigger and heavier compared to Steam Deck. Because, unlike Steam Deck’s integrated RDNA 2 GPU, this particular handheld console will have discrete Graphics Support, which they also confirmed on the Twitter post as well. As a result, AYANEO Next 2 is going to be the first handheld with a non-integrated GPU, which could make this handheld a great gaming device or could be a major turn of events as well.

As for the processor, they haven’t really specified the exact model, but they did confirm that it is going to Ryzen 7000 series CPU, which is much more powerful compared to Steam Deck’s AMD Zen 2 APU processor.

Ayaneo Next 2 will be powered by AMD Ryzen 7000 Series
Ayaneo Next 2 will be powered by AMD Ryzen 7000 Series

So yes, with this much power, we can surely expect AYANEO Next-2 to deliver us a smooth modern AAA gaming experience. And when it comes to memory support, AYANEO hasn’t disclosed this information to the audience yet. But judging from the previous releases such as AYANEO GeeK and AYANEO 2, we can clearly assume it is going to be somewhere around up to 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM and maximum 2-Terabytes of SSD storage, whereas, Steam Deck has a maximum of 16GB RAM and 516 GB of SSD storage.

Storage difference between Ayaneo Next 2 and Steam deck
Storage Comparison between Ayaneo Next 2 Vs Steam Deck

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, whether a product is good or not depends on the user’s personal preference. Both Ayaneo Next 2 and Steam Deck are two of the most highly desired and anticipated gaming devices in the gaming industry. Ayaneo Next 2’s ancestor Ayaneo Next also gave Steam Deck a tough fight and you can also check the full comparison of Ayaneo Next Vs Steam Deck. While it can be ensured that both devices have their pros and cons, there is no doubt that Ayaneo Next 2 is coming for Stam Deck’s throne. It will be interesting to see how these two devices stack up against each other once they hit the market, and which one comes out on top as the ultimate portable gaming machine.

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