XFORM IK22-1 Desktop Storage Review: The Best Desk Organizer

A busy and productive day means a messy desk, where your multitool, hard drives, earbuds, glasses, and other things spread like beans. So, give your office space the upgrade it needs with the XFORM IK22-1. Aesthetic & functional desktop organizer where you can keep all your workplace essentials securely organized.

Yes, your office necessities always stay close to you since this amazing desktop storage comes with two storage bins, two peg hooks, and one tray bin. You can stick with your desk more and ensure less leaving from your workstation since its two storage bins are helpful to keep your daily necessities organized, such as pencils, pens, small rulers, scissors, and a multitool securely right there.

Since it is fully customizable to best fit your daily office needs, its versatile, modern peg-board ensures you can rearrange all the included pieces in any combination that suits you well. Hence, at a glance, you can pick the right gear without fumbling around. You can even keep your headphones, earphones, or earbuds on its peg hooks or the tray bin because during the workload or working time some music will be not bad, right?

Along with that, you can also keep your everyday carry gear, glasses, and other tons of stuff within your arms. Design-wise, this desk organizer is made from robust steel that ensures solid & unbreakable performance in every possible way. This feature is really surprising because traditional table organizers don’t last long for their poor materials and also look boring for the same reason.

However, to enhance the longevity with a dashing look in mind, its matte black finish from top to toe resists everyday scratches, along with wear & tear like a pro! So that you never have to worry as your XFORM desk organizer always stays shiny as new! Plus, its sleek & eye-catchy design complements any desk or workspace area in every possible way. Not only that, it can be a perfect gift for any occasion to anyone. Even your colleague or best friend will love it for sure.

XFORM IK22-1 Desktop Storage: The Best Desk Organizer

Aside from your laptop or desktop, you can keep this tabletop organizer anywhere on top of the table with no fuss! Beyond that, its length-to-weight ratio is perfectly balanced to keep it stuck with the surface of the table. That prevents any accidental drops like a glass/bottle of water or coffee mug, which is a common issue in the workstation. Apart from that, for the portable yet minimalistic design, you can also maneuver it from your pc station to the shooting table easily without feeling bulkiness or any other problem.

Okay, done with everything in between, now a question may arise in your mind, will it leave scratches on the table as it is durable and made from steel? To keep you assured, no, it won’t. It comes with an amazing table stand and is made with the perfect combination of Durable Plastic and Metal. And under the stand, there are four anti-slip soft pads that prevent it from slipping and scratching.

If you do not have enough space on your desk, or you want to keep your workstation neat and clean, you will still get the added benefits from it. It has multiple mounting holes, allowing you to hang or mount it on any surface within a mere time.

Last but not least, keep your workspace organized and save space since the XFORM Desktop Storage IK22-1 is ideal for use in offices, jobsite, or anywhere desktop storage is needed.

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