Wyze Cam V3 vs Wyze Cam V3 PRO Comparison

Wyze Cam V3 Pro vs Wyze Cam V3

If we talk about affordable security camera providers, the first name that pops up in our head is Wyze Cam. Well, this company has brought a whole new series of 3rd generation best-selling cameras to market over the years. Among these, Wyze cam V3 and Wyze cam v3 pro are the most recent ones. 

However, both cameras have many similarities and dissimilarities of their own in terms of size and features. As the V3 is cheaper than the V3 pro, we need to figure out whether the pro version is worth the price or not. 

Wyze Cam V3 vs Wyze Cam V3 PRO

Wyze cam v3 and Wyze cam v3 pro are the two latest additions to Wyze’s affordable smart home products. Even though they have many similarities, they also differ in terms of features as well. Now the main question is, which one is more suitable for your lifestyle? We have done a complete comparison between Wyze cam v3 vs Wyze cam v3 pro for you. 

Well, these compact in-size cameras can be mounted both inside and outside with their magnetic stand mount. They are also built with IP65 weather resistance providing you full-fledged security in all weather year-round. Aside from being very similar look-wise, they’re also very different in terms of features. 

SpecificationWyze cam v3Wyze cam v3 pro
Connectivity2.4GHz Wifi2.4 GHz
Memory32GB MicroSD256 GB Micro SD
Temperature-5 °F to 113 °F-40 °F to -158 °F
Video Resolution1080p4MP 2K
Field of View130-degree116-degree

Video Quality

While V3 records videos in 1080p resolution, the V3 pro comes with a 4MP 2K quality video. Pro has a narrower 116-degree field view, while V3 provides a wider angle of 130 degrees. With infrared night vision, both cameras can provide clear images even when it gets really dark outside. Both cameras are equipped with a starlight sensor for amplifying low light and providing you vivid color night vision. With this, they can splash enough brightness to light up the dark areas without burning image quality. 


While the previous version detects people from a cloud base, the new pro version is built with an AI detection processor. Moreover, the pro comes with a built-in motion-activated spotlight, whereas it is an additional $10 accessory for V3. Even though the built-in siren in both cameras can ward off intruders from your house premises, the siren of the V3 pro is a bit louder. Even though both camera comes with a built-in microphone and speakers for two-way communication, V3 pro provides slightly better audio quality.

The V3 fully supports Cam plus lite and allows full access to cloud storage. On the other hand, the pro is not compatible with it due to its new processor, so you can only get cloud-stored video by subscribing to Cam Plus. Both this camera comes with a micro SD slot. While V3 only supports 128GB cards, pro makes the user interface smoother by supporting up to 256 GB.


As to the features and settings, both are the same. But V3 pro has an upgraded user interface along with a new feature called Smart focus. With this new feature addition, you can quickly and clearly see the main subject in a larger window while keeping the whole scene in the frame. Both of these cameras are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and also offer access to a Camplus subscription. 

Final Verdict

  • Wyze Cam V3 PRO vs V3: Which One is the Best Choice for You?

“The short answer is – With similar features to V3, the pro also offers a good number of unique features. Even though comparatively the price of pro is a bit higher, don’t you think these additional features give it an upper hand over its previous version? So that was all about the comparison between Wyze cam v3 vs Wyze cam v3 pro.

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