Why is Philips Hue So Expensive? Are They Worth It?

Why is Philips Hue So Expensive

Philips Hue is a line of smart light bulbs and devices that were first released way back in October 2012. After almost nine years of its release, the Philips Hue line is now the first of its kind on the market. It started as an Apple Store exclusive and was marketed as the first iOS controlled lighting appliance and further expanded tremendously in the past eight years, and now there are several generations and models of the Philips hue available for purchase. Philips also sells lamps, light strips, and other accessories under the Philips hue brand. 

Now, the title of the article may trick you into thinking that the Philips hue products are bad but expensive. We can most certainly say that they are not “bad”. They provide many lighting options and customizable features and work with google home, amazon Alexa and apple home kit. Philips Hue bulbs contain a Zigbee chip, which allows them to be controlled in a wide-ranging way via the Hue Bridge and other similar devices. There are also added features like syncing with razer chroma, Asus aura, and MSI mystic, which is a great feature for gamers. 

And to answer the question of why they are so expensive. Compared to other traditional smart bulbs, Philips uses a technology called RGB-CCT, which offers greater flexibility in the colors of the light that are delivered and ultimately makes the light seem more natural and vibrant. Also, the hue products come with dual connectivity options and other premium components, which is bound to make them more pricey. While buying an expensive product, you have to think carefully about their after-sales service. Philips hue products come with three years warranty with an option to get your products replaced for different circumstances. So all things considered, the after-sales service seems good.

There are other cheaper alternatives to the Philips hue light bulbs available on the market. Lifx smart bulbs provide more special effects options and are not harmful to the environment. Eufy light bulbs work only with wi-fi; thus, there is no need for any hubs. These are the closest alternatives to the Philips Hue, but they are priced at around the same price. Cree lights are the cheapest alternatives to the Philips hue. Priced at under 10 dollars, they come with considerably fewer features.

Final Verdict

All things considered, Philips hue products are arguably the best in their category. If you want the best product for your smart home, then Philips hue products are too good to pass because of their price. They offer more features than the competition. You will find a good deal if you can search for ongoing sales. 

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