VANZY Wireless Ring Mouse Review: Gesture Control Made Easier Than Ever

VANZY Wireless Ring Mouse Review

Recently, COX Space came with VANZY, a wireless ring mouse. It’s launched both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Vanzy is an updated version of COX Space’s previous project, SNOWL. Both the gesture mode and the air mouse mode of Snowl had poor accuracy. Snowl has few motion flaws. Problems like delay when moving their cursor or unclear LED indicators were also among their flaws. 

However, CoX Space was eventually able to address and resolve such problems with Vanzy after extensive research and development. It is controlled by a range of gestures and motion controllers. For even more convenience, this wearable mouse employs machine learning to change with you. This wireless wearable device uses gestures to put you in control of your devices from the moment you get out of your bed to the moment you go to sleep. It is also a perfect companion for your presentations, meetings, and lectures. 

Get a mouse on your finger and take control of your devices with just a single gesture. VANZY, is a life-changing device for your daily tasks. Let’s look at the other features that this wireless ring mouse offers.


  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
  • Charger Terminals: USB-C Type
  • Battery Capacity: 32mAh (Ring Module), 165mAh (Charging Cradle)
  • Charging Time: 30 Min

Precise Control

VANZY gives your thumb control over an air mouse for all of your devices, so you don’t need a desk-like surface or mousepad and can replace the laptop’s trackpad too. Having hands-free access to your gadgets is always welcomed, but there are some circumstances in which it really shines. For instance, you could remote-control your laptop. So, VANZY gives you precise control, even from a distance. It improves accuracy by using machine learning to record and learn your actions. It has improved accuracy as it utilizes machine learning to record and learn your actions. This mouse is a great option for devices and accessories that only offers a few control choices. For example, you can’t change the level on Apple Airpods or other earphones without using voice commands or pulling out your phone. But Vanzy lets you control your music volume even while running or jogging without bringing out your smartphone. You just need to turn your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the volume.

Bar Cradle Design

The redesigned bar cradle on the Vanzy is one of the major improvements. It replaced the joystick cradle of Snowl, which had a lot of issues. It was sluggish, and several customers complained that the cradle had trouble holding the ring while it was being charged. Thereby, CoX Space decided to take the matter into hand and solve this issue by replacing it with a new bar cradle. The bar cradle has a better grip and form factor. Besides, it is quicker and far more intuitive. While charging, you can use the Vanzy as a clicker unlike, Unlike Snowl, where it was impossible to use the mouse while charging. 


The Vanzy did some great upgrades to its design and overall look. Snowl comes with a plastic touch face, whereas the Vanzy comes with a ring module that now includes a strengthened glass touch face. Its top design was streamlined to make it simpler to manage, and its matte black color was changed from white. The LED indicator on the left, which lets you know what mouse mode you’re in, is another positive improvement. 

Customizable Gestures

This device also comes with customizable gesture and keymapping options. You can use the VANZY app to customize your gestures in a way that suits you, which gives a more natural feeling while using. This mouse is great for typing purposes as well. When customizing your keymapping in the VANZY app, you can program specific gestures to certain programs. 


This wireless ring mouse boasts universal compatibility when it comes to pairing with any device. You won’t have any trouble operating your tablet, laptop, desktop, or smartphone with this mouse. It’s compatible with android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. As it works with multiple devices and can switch between them effortlessly. 

Gaming Purpose

Another cool thing about this Vanzy is that you can play your favorite video game with this device as your gamepad. Vanzy’s air mouse excels most in gaming, which is likely one of its strongest suits. You have superior control in games that call for precise motions and targeting. Additionally, it makes gaming more immersive, which makes it ideal for VR gaming.

Wrapping Up

We believe that VANZY, could be the newest and trendiest mouse available which also has a competitive price point. In short, to make your life even easier, VANZY lets you experience a whole new level of convenience by just moving your finger. Moreover, Vanzy’s exclusive technology offers an advantage over competing wearable mouse gadgets. So there goes everything to know about this wireless ring mouse. 

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