SpotCam Pano 2 Review: Smart Cloud AI Home Security Camera


SpotCam is a company that is well known for making home security products, specifically cameras, and the recently released Spotcam Pano 2 is one of their most featured products. In this video, we’ll do an in-depth, hands-on review of this camera and its functionalities to give you an exact idea of what you’re going to get if you purchase this. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

In-Hand Feeling

In terms of visuals and hands-on feel, the camera is a bit heavy in our opinion, weighing around 110g with the bracket. The one we have features an overall glossy black color, with a circle-shaped camera head that can be adjusted and rotated in an Omni-directional pattern. In the back, there’s a dedicated reset button that’ll help you set everything back to default, and right underneath that is a USB port to power it up. Right below the camera is a dedicated microphone and at the back, there’s a speaker which will allow two-way communication. And finally, at the bottom, there’s a very strong magnet that’ll help you to mount it on practically any surface.

In-Hand Feeling


Now, let’s go through the specs. The 5-megapixel camera can record full HD videos at 30 frames per second, with 180 degrees field of view while 10 integrated high-powered LEDs give you a pretty smooth night-vision experience. The camera comes with 2-way audio, containing an average speaker and a microphone. Let’s talk about the installation process in detail.

You can use the camera with your Android device, iOS device, or your PC. Here, we are showing you how to use it with your android phone, although the process is pretty much the same on every platform. First, you need to download the dedicated app for SpotCams called…well…” SpotCam”. After that, you need to connect your Spotcam with the USB adapter and plug it into a wall socket. If it blinks red, it means it’s ready for duty. Following that, you need to open an account to connect with the camera. Afterward, you’ll need to connect your phone to the internal wifi of the spotcam itself. After your Spotcam has been registered and added, you need to make sure both your device and the camera are online. The camera will emit blue light from its front side to indicate it’s ready for work, and so are we. Now, let’s go to the app and see what’s up.


As we can see, the app is very straightforward and user-friendly. All you have to do is tap on the video feed above, and you’re in business. You’ll be able to see all the camera is seeing in its full 1080p HD glory while having a 180-degree field of view. What sets it apart from its competitors is its free 1-day cloud storage. How it works is you can get a day’s worth of recording, which will be replaced every day, for free. Basically, you have the ability to re-watch the last 24 hours in full effect, which honestly is enough for an average person.


If you want more, there are attractive deals you can get from the app itself. You can enable motion detection, night-vision, and even a siren for when you want a really loud notification that someone or something is invading your privacy, and all of it can be controlled through the SpotCam app. You can also download the full video and share it with your friends. The 180-degree field of view gives you a broad perspective of your whole room, porch, or wherever you set up your camera. The camera also has an automatic night-vision feature, which will come in really handy when you need to identify someone in pitch-black darkness. The intelligent camera can also tell if you’re a human, as it scans you for a human-like physique. In the app, we see a box called “event”. Now, these “events” can let you fine-tune your notifications and come with multiple ways to let you know about your surroundings.



The loud siren can also be customized to a degree, and you get to choose where you want to receive your notifications. In terms of functionality, suppose you want to hang this camera upside down cause your power socket is designed that way. Don’t fret, because Spotcam has your back in this situation with a 180-degree rotation feature that’ll flip the video output upside down. It also comes with smart digital zoom tracking, where if the camera sees movement, it will automatically zoom in and track the source of movement, and you can watch both zoomed and the panoramic view simultaneously on your phone or pc as it supports both PIP and PBP modes.

Additional Features

The status light which stays like a blue dot on top of the camera can be turned off if it bothers you or if you’re simply trying to be stealthy and putting the camera in someplace dark so that it cannot be seen. The two-way audio feature means that you’ll be able to have a conversation with anyone who’s in front of the camera, which makes it a superb choice as a doorbell alternative, and gives you extra points for your smart home decor. Last but not least, the smart camera is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

But the one side we were slightly sad about was the video output latency. It had at least a one-second video delay, which could be a downer to a lot of people. On the other hand, the audio had a comparatively lower latency, which was kinda painful to process altogether, as the video and the audio speed don’t match properly. A small, but noticeable issue, in our opinion.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, the Spotcam Pano 2 hits its mark with great features like customizable motion detection and audio, and with its remarkable 24-hour recording feature, we can see this become very popular among people who just want a camera to keep an eye on their children or the elderly, and have an overall sense of safety.

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