Ring Spotlight Cam Pro vs Plus: Anything Pro There?

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro vs Plus

Spotlight security cameras are designed to help you keep an eye on your front porch, backyard, or anywhere else you need to monitor. Among numerous options, Ring Spotlight cam pro and plus pack all of the company’s advanced features into a more versatile design. Ring spotlight cam pro and plus is the latest addition from the brand, and both of them have similarities like identical twins. So, which one should be an ideal option for you? 

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro vs Plus

Even though both of them have similar features, which might be confusing to choose the right one depending on needs. So, which one should you get? Well, read this comparison and find out for yourself.

SpecsRing Spotlight Cam ProRing Spotlight Cam Plus
Motion Detection3D Motion Detection, Bird’s Eye View, Custom Motion Zones up to 30 feetAdvanced Motion Detection with Customizable Motion Zones
Field of view140° horizontal, 80° vertical140° horizontal
Connectivity802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @2.4GHz and 5.0GHz802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @2.4GHz 
AudioTwo-Way Talk with Audio+ and advanced noise cancellationTwo-Way Talk with Audio and advanced noise cancellation
Video1080p HDR, Live View, Color Night Vision1080p HDR, Live View, Color Night Vision

Form Factor

Starting with the form factor, both of these spotlight cameras look very identical in a first glance which is very common for Ring devices. Both of them are available in Black and White versions and feature almost the same weight.

Even the installation process is the same as well and straightforward, so there is nothing to worry about, even if you have never installed a security camera before. Moreover, these spotlights have LED lights built-in, which is more than enough to brighten up any dark space, making it ideal for a patio, poolside, backyard, and other hard-to-monitor areas. Not only that, you can mount them either vertically or horizontally according to your needs, and if needed, you can also rotate the camera up to 360 degrees. So, nothing can hide from your eyesight!


Moving on to camera resolution, which is vital for every security camera. Ring manufactured both of these cameras very carefully to ensure the best user experience for users. However, the similarities pretty much end here. Only ring spotlight cam pro offers an 80-degree vertical field of view along with a 140-degree horizontal field of view and HDR recording. That surely gives you extra benefits when it’s all about monitoring. Yes, you can see objects more widely & clearly. Otherwise, the video resolution is the same for both cams. Yeah, 1080p recording, with live view and color night vision.

Only ring spotlight cam pro offers an 80-degree vertical field of view

Motion Detection

Since they don’t have a living brain, these cameras get triggered via the motion sensors that are built into them. Among both of them, Ring Spotlight Cam Pro is packed with a 3D motion detection sensor that can capture the tiniest movement precisely, so you’ll never miss an event of the moment. Besides, the bird’s eye view compatibility and Custom Motion Zones up to 30 feet are the cherry on top for home monitoring.

Motion Detection

2 Way Talk

Two-way talk has become a very common feature for security cameras; even the cheapest cams, like Lumary Floodlight Camera, also have it. And the thing we liked most is the Advanced Noise Cancellation with phenomenal voice clarity. Yes, now you can talk to your neighbors or delivery guy without any distortion since every unnecessary sound like wind whispers, car engine, and others automatically will be filtered out! That is a neat goal from Spotlight Cam Pro.

2 Way Talk


If we talk about the Power, it is the first-ever Ring that gives you multiple options to choose from; you can pick the completely battery-operated spotlight camera or wired or solar-powered cam. So, whether you’re a renter, owner, or property holder, both of these Ring spotlight cameras are the best option for your needs.


The Pro model is more expensive than the Plus model. That is because the Pro camera has some extra features like ANC, 2-way audio plus, dual-band compatibility, and other advanced features. So the extra price for the ring spotlight cam pro is worth it, in our opinion.

Our Takeaway

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus vs Pro: Which one should you get?

In short – “If you’re not a tech-savvy guy and are okay with simple, easy-to-go features, then Ring spotlight cam plus will be the right option for you. Otherwise, if you’re more into top-notch features, want to see everything in detail, and never want to miss a moment of the event, then Ring spotlight cam Pro is absolutely right for you.”

No matter if you’re a renter, owner, or property holder, both of them have battery, wired, and solar systems to offer. So, choose wisely and live well. Well, that was all about the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro VS Plus.

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