Nest Cam Floodlight vs Ring Floodlight Pro: Which One to Buy?

Nest Cam Floodlight vs Ring Floodlight Pro

Whether you leave your house for an office, vacation, or business trip, keeping an eagle eye on your property is literally impossible, especially at night. In this case, home security cameras or, more specifically, floodlight cams can act as a warden for your property. They can record every moment accurately and warn potential intruders through Alarms and lights while also directly notifying you so that you can take necessary steps. Well, among tons of options, Google Nest & Ring Floodlight Cameras are the most popular devices in the consumer market. Because their performance, longevity, loud alarms, recordings, and others are impressive. This is why making decisions become harder. But do not worry at all, we’re here to make your job easier so that you can peacefully choose the ideal one, so what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Form Factor

Starting with their form factor, here you’ll find that both have Two LED Flood Lights, a camera with a built-in speaker, robust construction, and wireless design. But their outlook is totally different, and the Ring Floodlight Pro is slightly bigger than the Nest Cam Floodlight.

Camera Quality

Next, let’s talk about their video recording and camera quality. All of them can record videos at 1080p resolution, but the Nest Cam provides better content quality while the 3D motion detection in Ring Pro turns over the dice. In addition, both feature 2-way audio, but we find that Nest offers better Noise cancellation.

Night Vision

During Night, these two rivals have got you covered since they both come with night vision features, and here Ring Pro takes the lead with its up to 30ft video range at night. On the other side, Google Nest Cam impressively earned a point with its 2400 lumens of brightness.

Wireless Connection

Another amazing fact is, that these stepbrothers also feature dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, but only the Ring Pro has an AC connection to ensure faster yet reliable connectivity. On the other hand, Google’s Nest Cam Floodlight has Bluetooth connectivity which might become handy when the wifi goes down.

Price Tag

Ok, now let’s talk about the price tag. Well, both of their price tags are highly expensive, but sadly, Google’s Floodlight is more costly than the Ring Floodlight Pro. And when you want to add some add-ons, the price range will cross your budget limit, so think twice before purchasing one.

Final Verdict

“All things considered, it is safe to say that the Ring Floodlight Pro is an excellent device according to its price. On the contrary, the Nest Cam Floodlight from Google has advanced features, better noise cancellation, Bright LEDs, and a Diagonal Field of view. In terms of price, Google’s Nest Cam with Floodlight can be expensive, but if you consider its features, it’s definitely worth your money.”

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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