Recover Deleted Files from Computer Hard Drive and USB Stick with Reliable Data Recovery Software

Recover Deleted Files from Computer Hard Drive and USB Stick with Reliable Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery software is very helpful when you lost or deleted files from your computer, USB flash drives, camera SD cards, etc. Generally, this type of software will scan your hard drive, looking and displaying recoverable files, letting you preview and recover the found files. There are some data recovery software tools available on the Internet. We have tested iBeesoft Data Recovery recently. Here is our review.


  • Fast, reliable performance for data recovery.
  • Recovers many files other products couldn’t recover in testing.
  • Recovered videos are openable and viewable. (Some other software recovered videos are corrupted.)


  • The scanning process is a little slow.

Started in 2011, iBeesoft is one of the biggest names in the world of data recovery software after more than 10-year update. During these years, besides the UI update, iBeesoft has updated the software with the last technology, not only easing the data recovery process, ensuring the highest data recovery rate, and also fixing data corruption after deleting. We got the above-mentioned information from iBeesoft official site at first. After that, we decided to give the utility a test.

How we tested

For our data recovery tests we used a 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB drive, putting over 100 pictures varies in different file extensions, more than 3GB videos and MP3 files, and 1GB Word docs, Excel, PDF, etc. documents there. The computer we were use is a Dell laptop running in Windows 11. Here is the testing process.

The tests were performed one after the other on three separate virtual drives:

  1. File deletion: All files are simply deleted from the SanDisk USB flash drive and the Recycle Bin emptied. No other data was copied to the drive. We then tried to recover the files. 
  2. Delete & Format: All the files were deleted as outlined above and we also performed a ‘Quick Format’ using the ‘Disk Management’ utility built into Windows 11. We then tried to recover the files from the formatted SanDisk USB flash drive. 
  3. Recover corrupted files: After deleting the files on the SanDisk USB flash drive, we used a software tool to erase the hard drive partially which means the whole erasing process is not completed at all, but stopped during the process. By doing this, some videos become corrupted. After that, we then checked if iBeesoft Data Recovery could see the deleted files or not.

For the simply file deletion recovery, almost all the deleted files are found and recovered. We were not sure all the files recovered, but compared the file size before and after the recovery, the gap is very small and can be ignored.

For the formatting recovery, though the recovered files are less than the file deletion recovery, it can still recover most files easily. It might be the reason that “Quick Format” does not overwrite files, but makes the file invisible. The data recovery software utility scans and displays the invisible files.

For corrupted files recovery, we could see that some files really disappear permanently, the utility did not find them at all. However, it still can recover some videos and the recovered videos can be opened normally. We also tried using another software tool scan the USB stick, though videos recovered but can’t be opened at all.

Recover Deleted Files from Computer Hard Drive and USB Stick with Reliable Data Recovery Software

Key Features of iBeesoft Data Recovery

Recovers 1000+ Files Types

iBeesoft recovers files with different extensions, officially over 1000 types. Though we did not test all the types, we are sure it can support daily used pictures, videos, documents generated from different devices and software. Before you use such kind of utility, you can go to its official site to check whether it support your file formats or not.

Supports 2000+ Storage Devices

iBeesoft Data Recovery supports recovering data lost from hard disk drives, SSDs, SD cards, flash drives, USB drives, cameras, and others. It includes storage file systems in FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32), ExFA, NTFS, NTFS5, EXT2/EXT3, HFS+ and ReFS. 

Recover Files Lost in 500+ Scenarios

iBeesoft officially boasts it can recover data loss in more than 500 scenarios. It might be exaggerated. However, files lost due to daily deletion, recycle bin emptied, power failure, system crash, hard drive failure, viruses, quick format can be recovered.

20 Languages Supported

From the utility interface, users can switch the languages freely. The most widely used languages are covered, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. are supported.

Raw File System Recovery

Files in raw hard drives, which the MBR is corrupt or partition table damaged, can’t be accessed at all. The software can access to the hard drive, rescue the files from the hard drive. After that, users can format the raw hard drive to fix it. 

Fixed Corrupted Videos/Photos/Docs 

iBeesoft has officially claimed it has integrated the data fragments gather, match technology into the data recovery utility, making it possible for the software to fix file corruption due to deletion. This fix is unconsciously because it fixed the corruption during the scanning process.

For people who needs a data recovery software tool for data recovery, choosing a suitable tool is a must. iBeesoft Data Recovery let users to download and scan for recoverable files for free. After making sure there are files you need, you can pay for the utility. The good aspects are that iBeesoft Data Recovery offers scanning hard drives for free, letting you preview recoverable files. It also offers a free version, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery for users to recover files up to 2GB for totally free. And there is no feature limited. It works the same way as the paid version do. It’s good for users who has a few files to recover.

Recover Deleted Files from Computer Hard Drive and USB Stick with Reliable Data Recovery Software

iBeesoft Data Recovery Subscription Options:

iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac/Windows PC

Single User(1 PC) 12-month plan – $49.95 

Family (2-5 PCs) 12-month plan – $69.95

Company (Multiple PCs) 12-month – $199.95

Recover Deleted Files from Computer Hard Drive and USB Stick with Reliable Data Recovery Software

Compared with most its rivals, iBeesoft Data Recovery offers a cost-effective and affordable plan. It’s more user-friendly for individuals.


iBeesoft Data Recovery is a workable data recovery utility. It’s suitable for individuals to recover deleted or lost files from hard drives. It works on Windows OS and macOS, does not support Linux. It covers almost all the features for individuals who does not know much computer techniques to recover data. For professionals, this software might be too easy to use.

Santos Cruickshank

Santos Cruickshank

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