Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: Ideal Earbuds for Android Users?

Google Pixel Buds Pro Ideal Earbuds for Android Users

After a handful of attempts at making wireless earbuds and being somewhat successful, Google just announced its most premium earbuds in this category, the Pixel Buds Pro. Designed and built from scratch to compete toe-to-toe against the AirPods Pro from Apple, the Pixel Buds Pro offer a plethora of modern-day technologies like ANC, Transparency Mode, Water-Resistance, and the works. But, why are android users losing their minds over the buds, and why are the terms like “Ultimate Earbuds For Android Users” being thrown around? 

Google Pixel Buds Pro


Resembling a similar design aesthetic to the 2020 PIxel Buds, the Pixel Buds Pro will give its users a handful of colors to choose from including Black, Blue, Green, and Red. The most obvious difference in terms of appearance is the number of microphone inlets around the exterior. The design language of these buds also makes them sit deeper in your ear canal, promoting better noise isolation and a more snug fit.

Accessories and Features

Considering how a lot of people like the in-ear seal originating from silicone tips, Google stepped up to make the Pixel Buds Pro stand out. How? They actually implemented sensors that work to measure the pressure in your ear canal and adjust the pressure in real-time. As per the standard, you’ll be getting three sizes of ear tips with the box containing “Silent Seal” software algorithms that will adapt to your ear and enhance the noise isolation. The buds will also, obviously, support hands-free Google Assistant voice commands which will be a comparatively better experience thanks to noise-suppression features.

And, in terms of protection, the buds will come with a basic IPX4 rating, rendering them safe from rain and sweat, while the case will come with an IPX2 rating. A small, but much-appreciated detail that’s almost always overlooked in modern earbuds! The hardware is where the fun truly begins. Possessing a six-core processor and the aforementioned algorithms, Rick Osterloh, the Senior Vice President of Device And Services from Google says and quotes “The Best Mobile Audio Hardware We’ve Ever Designed.”. 

Audio and Battery

With the Buds Pro, you’ll also get fast pairing with a radical new feature called “Volume EQ” which will optimize the frequency curve according to your volume to ensure a full and vibrant audio experience. And for battery life, Google claims to be able to provide around 7 hours of continuous playback from a single charge with ANC enabled, which can be stretched to 11 hours with ANC disabled.


While the buds will work fine with Apple Ecosystem, not having a dedicated app to adjust the settings or EQ makes the Pixel Buds Pro an almost ideal pick for android users! With that in mind, we can see how Google is actually having a real steamy competition with the Galaxy Buds themselves in terms of ecosystem dominance in the Android universe!

Wrapping Up

However, from a competitive angle, Google still doesn’t have a response to AirPods Pro’s iconic Spatial Audio Head Tracking…yet. The company said they are working on their very own head tracking solution which should be ready by the end of this year! Here’s to hoping the Pixel Buds Pro can actually live up to its name and give Android users an earbud they’ll love to use! We’ll be back with more news, reviews, and updates once the Pixel Buds Pro hits the shelves.

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