OFIYAA P1 Plus Portable Monitor Review: Best Display Extender?

OFIYAA P1 Plus Portable Monitor Review

No matter if you’re short of space or want to keep your workstation minimal and clean, a portable display is the right solution. It will even help you to enhance your productivity a bit. Plus, you can duplicate or extend your display during a presentation or while you are multitasking to get the best out of it. Therefore, today we have the Ofiyaa P1 Plus Portable Monitor in our hands. So, we will review this amazing product and try to find out why it’s so different from the others.

First Impression

When we first picked up the monitor, it felt somewhere between premium and durable. We were impressed by how compact and nicely built it is.

Form Factor

Design-wise, it has a 13.3-inches display, and most of the assembly is made out of robust material that is slightly resistant to fingerprints, dust, and scratches. On the back of the display, you will find a metal hinge with a clamp-on, which you can use to mount the display with any compatible laptop. You can also adjust the height depending on your needs. In our opinion, it’s ideal for 13-inches MacBook, but you can also use it with any Windows laptop with up to 16.5-inches display.

For best use, you can adjust the screen angle up to 207-degree, which is suitable for multi-angle usage scenarios. On the front, it is housing a menu and two navigation buttons that also act as volume control. And on the right side, you will find a HDMI and two USB Type-C ports. Apart from that, it has a single speaker that features a dust-proof housing and delivers clear sounds while you’re listening to music or enjoying your favorite content.


Coming to the connecting options, it is a completely straightforward process. By using the included type-C to type-C cable, you can clone or extend your macbook screen easily. Plus, if you have a Windows notebook, you can use the HDMI cable to boost your creativity. Once you’ve successfully connected the display to your notebook, then you can proceed to identify and adjust your displays from your notebook’s display settings.


Depending on the weight of your laptop or notebook, you have to use the included bracket to prevent the screen from tipping over due to its added weight and robust design. When you use the additional clamp, the wobbling and tipping issue will be gone. That’s the key difference from its competitors, as most portable displays have poor mounting options, they don’t prevent the screen from tipping over. However, remember to remove it before you fold the screen back into its docked position.


Once you have configured your display mode, you can then use the menu button and the plus or minus navigation buttons to adjust the volume as well as the brightness. You also have access to advanced color and brightness customization presets, and other options that will allow you to fine-tune the display for the cleanest, brightest, and sharpest image.

Picture Quality

Let’s now look at its picture quality. Its color gamut and brightness are its highlights, and there is plenty of headroom to further increase the brightness, contrast, and other color levels according to your need. Plus, with a 60-hertz refresh rate and an IPS panel, you can enjoy the true colors of your content, even in Full HD quality flawlessly.


However, if you don’t have a laptop near you, you can still use it to clone your phone display. For that, your smartphone should have a type C port that supports display mode. Even using a mini PC or smartphone, you can keep yourself entertained. Not only that, from the four available modes, such as Extended, Mirrored, Presentation, and Braked Mode, it gives you multiple angle options to pick the best one for you.


Moreover, when you’re on the go, you can simply store it inside your backpack with the included Black bag, and travel easily with your portable monitor. Given how lightweight it is, you won’t feel any stiffness or bulkiness on your shoulder. That makes it a great choice for businessmen, students, and frequent travelers, who like to stay productive!

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the question, should you get it? Well, if you’re looking for a robust portable display, that is compatible with most smart devices which you can mount on any laptop screen, ranging from 13 to 16.5-inches, then what could be better than the Ofiyaa P1 Plus Portable Monitor? The answer is that there aren’t any other portable displays like this, especially at its price point.

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