New Apple Watch Pro Leaks & Rumors: Everything We Know

Apple Watch Pro

This year on the horizon, there could be more than one version of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. In addition to Series 8, it is rumored that Apple might introduce a new model, which is expected to have a Pro tag with it. According to numerous reports, this Pro version will be larger and much more durable than the previous models. Today, we will discuss all the rumors about the new Apple Watch Pro that are coming from reliable sources.

The Possibility

“Pro” is a tag that Apple uses to emphasize the pro features, and adding Pro with the next Apple watch actually makes sense. If you look at Apple’s other products like iPhone, iPad, and also Mac has a “Pro” tag. Now, it’s time to have an Apple Watch Pro, which might happen this year along with Series 8. According to Mark Gurman’s latest report, it is settled on Apple Watch Pro as the most likely name.

Display Size

The rumor indicates that the Apple Watch Pro might come with a larger display. Back in October 2021 reliable leaker Ross Young tweeted that the upcoming Apple Watch might come in three sizes. And in July on his Twitter, Young said the new size is 1.99-inch instead of 1.9-inch, which is 5mm larger than the Apple Watch Series 7. 

One of the most important benefits of having a larger screen is it can show more fitness metrics on watch faces at one time. However, the Series 7 boasts two sizes, one is 41mm and another is 45mm, which is the largest watch Apple has made. But, this year they might include a larger size, which is likely to be around 50mm.


It is rumored the Apple Watch Pro is designed for extreme sports enthusiasts, meaning it will be exceptionally durable. According to different sources, to endure heavy damages, the device might feature a metal material that is stronger than aluminum, probably titanium. Also, it is expected to have a more durable display, more likely a Sapphire Crystal screen.

Fitness Features

Apple Watch Series 8 might have several new health features that include blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea detection, diabetes detection, and a thermometer for fertility. However, it is not fully certain if all of these features are ready to come this year. According to Mark Gurman, the upcoming Apple Watch might come with an improved activity tracker.


Till now every bit of information was exciting. Now the bad news is its chipset. The upcoming Apple Watch is rumored to have an S8 chipset but with similar performance to S7 Chipset. We don’t know what the point of giving a new chipset is if it is similar to its predecessors.


The upcoming Apple Watch and Apple Watch Pro will probably have a higher price tag- at a level you never thought of. Mark Gurman, in his newsletter, said Apple might price the new watch even higher and he wouldn’t be surprised if it starts from 900 to 999 bucks. If he is right about this information then this will be discouraging for the price-sensitive portion of Apple customers. Probably, you would then want to go for a Garmin watch rather than Apple Watches.

Final Thoughts

In short, till now Apple has provided us with smartwatches that can be used for daily activities yet they were durable enough. But this time Apple might add another version besides the standard one, probably a Pro model. This Pro model is expected to boast a larger display compared to the previous model. Also, it will be much more durable to handle extreme outdoor adventures. Apple has been the prominent smartwatch brand for years, and with this new variant, Apple might dominate the rugged smartwatch market as well.

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