Leica Q3 Camera Rumors & Predictions: What to Expect?

Leica Q3

The Leica Q2, a successor to the popular Leica Q, was released back in 2019. A year later, the Monochrome version of the Q2 was released to shoot in black and white only. Both of these cameras are incredibly popular with loyal Leica customers. But since the Q2 was launched three years earlier, we expect to see a new Leica Q3 very soon. Even some of the latest leaks and rumors hint us the same way. Already feeling excited? In this content, we will share the latest leaks and rumors of the Leica Q3 along with what we want from it.

What We Know So Far?

During the live keynote of the new Leica M11, Leica Rumors noticed 3 extra placements behind Leica’s Head of Design, Mark Shipard. These three empty slots were the road maps to the Leica S, SL and Q camera series. In addition to that, Leica Rumors also leaked an image of the possible Leica Q3 model that was first spotted on the Leica Fotos app when it was updated to support the Leica M11. From the spotted leaked photo, we can clearly see that the button layout has been changed. The side buttons have been relocated to make way for the bigger screen, which is also tiltable. 

What We Wanna See?

“The first thing we wanna see is the same 60-megapixel image sensor of the M11 along with the unique Triple Resolution Technology, which allows photographers to select from three working resolutions, including 18 MP, 36 MP and 60 MP. However, unlike the M11, it would be okay if we saw this feature used as a crop. Because if you feel that your 28mm lens is too wide, you can simply select a lower resolution to gain extra focal length.”

Along with the higher megapixel sensor, it would also be nice to see a slight bump in the shutter speed. The new M11 also saw a massive jump in both electronic and mechanical shutter speed, but we don’t want that much since street photography is the area where the Leica Q series is highly popular with its users.

Leica Q3

Lastly, we all know that it has been a staple of the Leica roadmap to introduce a color sensor camera first and then a monochrome variant later. But it would be nice to see color and monochrome sensors available at the same time. This way, black and white shooters don’t have to wait for their turn to use the latest camera.

Final Verdict

So that was all about the latest Leica Q3 Rumors and what we wanna see from it. As there is no exact confirmation about the Leicha Q3 release date, if you are thinking about updating to Leica Q2 from your existing camera then it’s high time you should take action.

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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