12th Gen Intel 7nm Teases Meteor Lake CPU is Coming!

12th Gen Intel 7nm Teases Meteor Lake CPU is Coming!

During the keynote speech at IDM 2.0 Accelerated, Intel unveiled its roadmap for its future processors. As part of this keynote, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed a new naming scheme for their upcoming processors. We can expect production to begin on all nodes and products from 2023 and beyond under the new roadmap. This next generation of processor lineup from Intel is branded as Meteor Lake.


These 7-nanometer CPUs are expected to adopt a completely new Cove Core architecture. According to wccftech, the architecture is going to be labeled as Redwood Cove Cores. Redwood Cove, as the name implies, is designed to work with different fabrication plants and is an agnostic node.

It is also expected that Meteor Lake might exclude its ring bus interconnect architecture. Rumor has it that the processor will showcase 3D Stacked Design and an I/O Die. In short, Intel is more or less revamping its CPU architecture to make performance improvements.


There is a good chance that the LGA 1700 socket will be retained for the Meteor Lake CPUs. This socket is similar to the one used by the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors, so you won’t have much of an issue making room for future upgrades.

Supported Interfaces

Users will have the option of upgrading or staying with their current system all thanks to Meteor Lake CPUs supporting both DDR5 and DDR4 memory. From this lineup, budget tier CPUs will be going for DDR4 memory DIMMs whereas the High-End and Premium ones will be offering DDR5 DIMMs. And it goes without saying that PCIe Gen 5.0 support is surely onboard with the Meteor Lake CPU series.

Expected Arrival

In the keynote speech, Intel also confirmed its upcoming Meteor Lake desktop processor will be released in 2023. Even though it’s a long way off, it’s exciting to know that Intel is finally going to launch a desktop processor manufactured on 7nm technology.

Final Words

It’s really good to see Intel finally taking big steps to improve their processor lineup. AMD has been really hard on Intel for a couple of years and now with the Meteor Lake CPUs, Intel might get the edge they really needed.

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