Intel Battlemage GPUs: Game Over for Nvidia?

Intel Battlemage GPUs Game Over for Nvidia

According to the latest leaks and rumors, the upcoming Battlemage GPU can be a complete game-changer for mid-range gamers or PC builders. So how well can it be compared to other mid-range variants?

Last year, we saw the long-awaited Intel ARC series GPU line-up Arc A770 & A750. And, the immediate responses were not as good as developers thought they would be. Because, it was new to the GPU market and is already several generations behind compared to other big competitors such as Nvidia and AMD, which caused a major drawback. And you can’t really blame Intel, because releasing techs such as modern graphics cards requires generations of improvement, especially in terms of optimized GPU drivers. 

Right now, it seems like Intel is on the run to prove itself once again by targeting even more big goals with the Battlemage GPU line-up. And from what we are seeing and hearing so far, they seem to have even more confidence than they had with their ARC line-up. So will it live up to its potential? Let’s find out.

Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition

What To Expect?

Battlemage GPU has been a point of discussion for a long time, ever since the Arc series was released. But recently, a YouTuber named RedGamingTech leaked the roadmap featuring Intel’s upcoming plans in the near future, which immediately caught the attention of many GPU enthusiasts once again. And if this information is correct, Intel is likely to unveil the Battlemage in Q2 of next year.  

As for the performance, this series is not going to compete against other high-end GPUs such as RTX 4090 or RX 7900 XTX. Their plan is to compete in mid-range variants such as RTX 4080 and 4070 models. YouTuber RedGamingTech has also shared even more information about the internal specs speculation for Battlemage GPUs. He pointed out that, the GPU is likely to have 64 Xe Cores, 3.0 Gigahertz of clock speed along with 256-bit of memory bus speed, and 48 megabytes of L2 cache, which in comparison to RTX 4080, has more GPU clock speed with equal memory bus speed. 

Intel Arc A770 Specification

However, there is a difference when it comes to Nvidia’s GPU clock speed, which in some cases can exceed higher-level performance due to overclocking. On top of that, the Battlemage seems more efficient as the chart also mentions the Total Board Power which is only 225 watts, whereas the RTX 4080 consumes 320 watts of power. 

On the other hand, Intel is a bit skeptical about Nvidia’s latest AI-driven frame generation technology as WCCFTECH mentioned in their article about Intel’s take “which they say is unwanted for AI to do that kind of work”. Even though, the XeSS technique Intel’s version of Nvidia’s “DLSS” is also driven by AI hardware. So, will there be any new version of upscaling technology? That we don’t know. But since there is going to be a more powerful version of Intel GPU, there should be a whole new version of the XeSS upscaling, which might eventually also help improve the overall ray tracing performance. 

As the latest news and rumors suggest, if everything goes smoothly on Intel’s side they might be able to take on the mid-range GPU market by storm, if the proper value is given in terms of the price range. 

About Intel Arc A770

Our Takeaway

So could this be a major turn of an event for Intel’s latest GPU line-up? Nobody actually knows since the official announcement of the internal specs and performance has not been disclosed yet. But as far as these leaks go, people certainly have high hopes for the Battlemage, especially mid-range PC builders and gamers. So that was all about the upcoming Intel Battlemage GPUs.

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