HTC EMO1 Hands On Review: Best True Wireless Earbuds Plus

HTC EMO1 Hands On Review Best True Wireless Earbuds Plus

HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese consumer electronics company that is rapidly moving up into the audio industry by providing high-quality earbuds. In this article, we will review the HTC E-MO1, also known as the HTC True Wireless Earbuds Plus.

First of all, let’s get on with the unboxing. It comes in a sleek-looking cubic paper box with a glossy finish. Straight out of the box, you get a thin paper cardholder, which holds the instruction manual and the warranty card. There’s a case sitting right in the middle of the box. The case looks beautiful and premium with that matte white finish as well as feels rigid and well built. The size will allow you to slip the case inside your jeans pocket without much effort, and there won’t be an awkward bulge. The case cover feels snappy, and we couldn’t help but fidget around with it a bit, as it was very satisfying to flick open and snap close.

The earbuds themselves appear to be tucked in the case in a very cozy manner. They feel good and premium to the touch, have a good fit, and are surprisingly lightweight. In terms of connectivity, the earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0, which makes connecting them to any device a breeze. It’ll take you only a few seconds to pair with a device. The charging case has three LED indicators that indicate different situations. The middle LED will glow red when charging, and it’ll glow green when it’s fully charged. It will flash red when low on battery and green when the case has sufficient power. The left and right LED glow orange when the buds are charging.

Now, let’s talk about the sound quality. The quality of these considerably cheap earbuds is a bang for your buck, in our opinion. We played different types of music from Spotify and cranked the volume all the way up to maximum to see if there were any audible distortions, and punching a hole through a skepticism, the earbuds performed really well, with nearly zero distortions at maximum volume. With the higher volume, you’d expected the bass to be a little overflowing. Still, it was surprisingly steady, rumbling, and punchy with no audio leaks and an overall round audio profile where every audio element sounded balanced. The mids and highs were clear as well, with good emphasis on the instrumentals. Overall, you’ll be really satisfied with the audio quality.

The user interface is also very straightforward, simple, and intuitive. You can tap the buds once to play or pause your music or answer or end calls. To play the next song, you have to double-tap the earbuds and thrice if you want to go to the previous song. When you tap and hold the right earbud, the voice assistant activates, and to use the ANC, you need to press and hold the left earbud for three seconds.

HTC E-MO1 comes with IPX5 rating

The HTC E-MO1 comes with a USB Type-C cable, making it easier and quicker to charge. Speaking of batteries, the HTC E-MO1 will last for a long time with 6 hours of non-stop playback on a single charge. The charger case will provide three times additional charges, totaling 24 hours of musical playback. In terms of protection, the earbuds come with an IPX5 rating. This IPX5 rating gives this pair of earbuds the ability to resist water and sweat to a degree. So heavy workouts or a stroll in the rain won’t be an issue. With the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the earbuds can perform perfectly and without any audio drops up to 10 meters.

Unfortunately, the downside of this pair of earbuds is the ANC and feature cause it didn’t provide a good amount of noise control compared to other earbuds. We were also disappointed with the ambient sound feature, as they didn’t really work the way we expected them to work. However, the ANC feature was up to the mark, as they did a solid job of noise isolation.

Overall, for the price, we think this is a really good pair of headphones with jampacked features like Bluetooth 5.0, IPX5 protection, moderate battery life, and a somewhat okay ANC feature. Would we recommend it? In terms of sheer audio quality, we would happily recommend it as the fit provides hours of comfortable listening with amazing sound quality. But if you’re an audio fanatic who is very keen on features like ANC and ambient sound, you might be disappointed. So that was our hands-on review of HTC E-MO1.

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