Headset vs Earbuds: Which One is Better for Gaming?

Headset vs Earbuds Which One is Better for Gaming

As a gamer, it is pretty important for you to pay attention to audio cues while playing competitive games, or open-world for greater immersion. While gamers of all kinds widely use headsets, nowadays, gaming earbuds are also getting quite popular. So which one should you settle for? To figure out, keep reading this as we compare this two head-on to help you decide better.

Headset vs Earbuds

Headset vs. earbuds, which one is better for gaming? To figure out, we compare them side by side in this article to help you make a good purchasing decision.

Sound Quality

It goes without saying that a good-sounding audio system is a must if you want to react more quickly and feel the immersion of the gaming environment. It can be pretty difficult to differentiate between a headset and an earbud’s sound quality as it solely depends on the model. But as physical properties, such as the driver size, play an important role in transmitting audio, headsets ought to output better sound quality compared to earbuds at a similar price point. Ultimately, the sound completely depends on the headset or earbud model as there are plenty of amazing sounding earbuds too.


A gaming session can last less than an hour to 12 hours. For longer gaming marathons, you should have accessories that ensure comfort regardless of how long you will be playing. Earbuds, in this case, have less to offer as they are inserted directly into your ears. While they offer good noise isolation, they often cause ear strain when used for long hours. Headsets, specifically over-ear ones, provide the best comfort. They often have paddings that sit around your ears for greater comfort and have enough breathability to get you through a lengthy gaming session. The only downside is they are often heavy and big which makes them difficult to travel with.


Talking about traveling, portability is also an important factor when choosing an audio gear for gaming. Due to mobile devices getting more and more gaming-friendly, you need to have gadgets that you can effortlessly move around with. As mentioned earlier, headsets are comparably less travel friendly due to their size and weight. While there are plenty of wireless headsets out there, they still take up plenty of space in your bag and can get frustrating to move around with. They often come with a carrying pouch or case which you can seamlessly slide inside of your pocket. They are lighter, more subtle, and less storage demanding compared to a full-blown headset.

portability is also an important for gaming


Noise isolation blocks out external chatters and noise for greater in-game immersion. On-ear headsets and standard earbuds don’t have enough isolation to prevent outside noise from squeaking in. Over-ear headphones with a closed-back design as well as earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation ensure the best noise isolation. Ultimately resulting in a distraction-free gaming experience.

Final Verdict

Everything considered can get overwhelming to settle between either of these. A good quality gaming headset sounds better and offers more comfort than an earbud, while a decent earbud offers amazing portability and is often more affordable than a headset. If you often game on the go and looking for a portable audio solution, you should go for gaming earbuds. Otherwise, a gaming headset will surely suffice.

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