EKSA GT1 Earbuds Review: True Wireless Gaming Earbuds

EKSA GT1 Earbuds Review

Eksa is well-known for its gaming peripherals on budget. Eksa finally launched their first gaming true wireless earbuds Eksa GT1 with some really cool features and aesthetics at such an affordable price which made some noises for gamers. In this article, we’re going to talk about all the pros and cons of Eksa GT1’s true wireless earbuds.

After opening the box EKSA GT1 Earbuds, you would see the case is sitting right inside it. In addition to that, there’s a USB type-c charging cable, two pairs of ear tips, and a user manual. There’s Eksa’s branding and other details in the box you might want to read.

The build quality of the case doesn’t look like any other typical earbuds case. The diamond or superman shaped earbuds casing looks really impressive. Besides, the case feels very sturdy without any rattles noises. The clamshell casing will feel very premium in your hands. The case has a USB type-c port as a charging option, and sadly wireless charging is not available. 

The earbuds look pretty sleek and have an ergonomic design. Just peel the plastic from the pogo pins and put it back inside; that will turn it on. And the LED on the earbuds looks really amazing. Not only that, there’s a battery indicator blue LED on the accent of the case. The blue LED gives you a gaming vibe, and if you’re an RGB fan, you’re definitely going to like its design.

Eksa GT1 is an in-ear earbud and feels pretty comfortable for most people. It comes with an ear tip so that you can customize the fit according to your ear shape. The earbuds are so lightweight that wearing them for a while will make you forget that you have something in your ears. Sometimes it can be a double-edged sword; you might lose it once in a while. Hence, it is recommended to use the earbuds carefully. And since this is a gaming earphone, a bit of air ventilation would be nice.

Talking about the control panel, which is touch responsive and present right above the cyan LEDs. Touch response is very fast, and it’ll require a firm tap to activate it, which is a good thing to prevent accidental touches. You can play/pause your content, skip to the next track, answer or reject your calls, activate your voice assistant, and switch between music and gaming modes. Both earbuds have a control panel. Thus, you don’t have to remember which one to tap. 

In terms of the audio quality, there are two audio modes available in it. We’ve played many songs, and all the music was played from Spotify in very high quality. The sound quality was loud and punchy. Voices were crystal clear and easily understandable. Bass was balanced, and treble was not the best but pretty good for consumers of this range. Mids were clear, and highs were bright enough to fulfill your daily music consumption. 

Now let’s talk about one of the most important selling points, which is gaming mode. It can be activated just by double tapping on any of the earbuds. Activating gaming mode reduces the latency a bit pretty close to a wired headset. You’ll notice a slight boost in the bass as well. 

When it comes to its microphone quality, Eksa GT1’s microphone is above average compared to other earbuds available in the market in this price range. In addition, vocals are pretty clear and easily understandable. Hence, voice chatting won’t be an issue with this earbud.

As it is a gaming earbud, it has an IPX4 rating, which can easily resist little splashes of water and your mid-game intensive sweat. Speaking of the battery life, it was able to deliver 6 hours of playtime with a single charge which is a great deal. But using it with the case will easily deliver you 36 hours of non-stop music and gaming. However, there’s no quick charge option available with this earbud. 

That was our review on the Eksa GT1 true wireless gaming earbuds. Lastly, all we can say is, if you buy Eksa GT1, you’ll be getting more than you’re paying for. Its gaming mode is really amazing as you get almost no latency with it, and sound quality is also acceptable in this price range. Thereby if you’re a gamer and want good sound quality, low latency, and gaming aesthetics, this earbud is for you. The overall experience with this earbud is worth it.

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