GPD Win 4 Vs Ayaneo 2: Which One to Buy?

Portable handheld consoles can be great leisure-time entertainment. The AYANEO 2 just dropped on the market with powerful internal specifications, and it does seem like a good competition against the GPD Win 4 since both these handhelds come with almost the same internal hardware. GPD Win-4 vs AYANEO 2, both these handhelds are powered by the same processor. In this article, we are going to compare both GDP Win 4 and Ayaneo 2 and let’s find out which one is the best.

GPD Win 4 Vs Ayaneo 2

Let’s look into the features of both GPD Win 4 and Ayaneo 2 to have a better understanding of the two products:


When it comes to design, there have not been brought any significant changes to the AYANEO 2 other than the palm grips, which actually had been redesigned for a more comfortable grip. Other than that, it does have a pretty similar ergonomic as the AYANEO GEEK. But what’s even more impressive is its triggers and joysticks, which are some of the best you will find on the market. It uses Hall Effect Sensors, which are capable of tracking your input or movement using magnetic fields, making it more accurate and responsive. Additionally, they have also added a fingerprint sensor on the power button, which supports multiple fingerprints, allowing you to share the device with your family. Besides that, it got a dual-mic design, a TF card slot, and two Type-C connectors for easy connectivity.

Ayaneo 2 Sound System
Ayaneo 2 Sound System

On the other hand, just by looking at the GPD Win 4, you can clearly tell that the design here is heavily inspired by classic PSP handhelds. The slide-up display with a white back-lit keyboard looks beautiful as it is. But what sets the GPD Win-4 apart from AYANEO 2 is its Optical Finger Navigation underneath the right joystick, which functions just like the trackpad on a laptop. It allows you to control the mouse cursor with just the fingertip seamlessly. As for the connectivity, it includes one Type-C, one Type-A, and a microSD slot. On top of that, it has Linear Analog Triggers, providing a smooth response, especially while playing racing games. And unlike the AYANEO 2, this handheld uses the Alps 3D Joysticks. Alps joysticks are known for drifting due to excessive use, while the hall-sensor joysticks like the AYANEO 2 ones are less likely to face this issue.

Ayaneo 2

So, it appears that aesthetically both handhelds look way different from one another, and by different, we obviously meant in a good way. The Hall-sensor Joysticks on the AYANEO 2 are definitely worth praising.

Specs & Display

As you take a deep look into internal hardware, you will see that both these handhelds are powered by AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor, which makes both these devices a fairly powerful handheld gaming PC.

Both devices have the same processor
Both devices have the same processor

Not only that, both of these handhelds include up to 32 Gigabytes of DDR5 RAM and up to 2 terabytes of SSD storage, which makes both these handhelds capable of running modern AAA games and delivering a swift experience. Also, the AYANEO 2 comes with a 50.25-watt-hour battery, while the GPD Win-4 includes a 45.62-watt-hour battery. Both these handhelds are capable of delivering a maximum of 2 hours of backup during heavy usage.

The display on the AYANEO 2 features a 7-inch IPS touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 by 1200, while the GPD Win-4 includes a 6-inch touchscreen display running 1920 by 1080p resolution. What makes the AYANEO 2 display more interesting is its bezel-less design, delivering an even wider vision for users.

In short – as far as gaming is concerned, both of these handheld devices are poised to provide you with an exceptional gaming experience, as they both have pretty identical internal specifications. However, for display, the bezel-less screen on the AYANEO 2 definitely seems more attractive.

Wrapping up

Both GPD Win and Vs Ayaneo 2 serve two different preferences. Those who prefer portability and a built controller can go for GPD 4 but for those who prefer a standalone pure gaming consoler, then Ayaneo 2 is the option. Ultimately it depends on the decision of the user on what exactly he or she wants from the product both devices are strong options for gamers on the go, and choosing between them comes down to a matter of personal preference and individual needs.

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