Galaxy Z Fold 3 Confirmed Leaks and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

It has been a while since we have discovered the news about Samsung’s next foldable flagship device. And after all these rumors, finally, we have some exciting leaks about the galaxy Z fold 3. How about reimagining a new foldable in the Samsung Galaxy Z series to be lighter, slimmer, and less cumbersome to use one-handed! Similarly, this most anticipated device is likely to come up with some appealing features. Since Samsung has always tried to focus more on innovations. Its new leaked images and promo videos suggest a lot about its upcoming upgrades.

Here we bring light to the possible designs and features of the next top-tier Samsung foldable phone. So without delay, let’s get straight to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 confirmed leaks and rumors.

The Galaxy Fold 3 might be the first foldable device to feature an under-display camera. A promo video was posted by Wondering Bunny on Twitter, which shows that the Z fold 3 having an edge-to-edge display without any notch or punch-hole interruption. This means Samsung will be bringing their most awaited under-display camera technology with this device. It is surely going to be a major upgrade to their smartphone camera market as many of us are fond of infinity display. One thing that might be a bit disappointing is the video shows that the outer display might not have the same under-display camera rather a punch hole single camera.

Samsung might also bring up a whole new triple camera setup on the back of the smartphone. It won’t have a bigger camera bump like its previous predecessor z fold2. To protect the display, Samsung might be using a new ultra-thin glass that is expected to have two times more durability, as shared by the Twitter user Wondering Bunny. Previously, a 120Hz refresh rate was provided only for the inner display but this time we might see a 120Hz of display refresh rate for both the inner and outer display. This will make your user experience smoother for both displays.

We already expected earlier that the Z Fold3 is going to have S-pen compatibility and the leaked images suggest the same. From the image, we can see that Samsung is marketing about picking up calls along with taking notes. Samsung will not be docking up the S-pen with the device, so you have to buy it externally and also a dedicated case for storing the pen.

With all these features, Samsung will also let you choose this device from multiple colors. The images show that it might be available in three colors, probably greenish, black, and silver or white. According to the leaked roadmap for launching this incredible device, Samsung might hold an Unpacked event in July. Though last year Z fold 2 was launched in September, a reliable source claimed in early February, Samsung’s next big foldable might take 5 more months to be launched.

Along with these features, we would like to see some more improvements in galaxy Z fold3. The way Samsung claims this device to cover all our personal and business life, only 256GB of storage never seems enough. There should be an expansion of storage. The galaxy z fold 2 had only a 4500mAh battery, so a bigger battery is highly expected. All that we shared are based on leaks and rumors. But if all these features come with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, it would indeed become very popular amongst consumers.

These were some leaks and rumors we knew about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, depending on the overall leaks and rumors we think a larger screen with 5G connectivity can make Galaxy Fold Z 3 a phenomenal device to make an incredible impact among the consumers. Or at least faster charging can certainly be better than the 25W max in the Z Fold 2.

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