Fitbit Inspire 2 vs 3: Which One to Wear All Day Long?

Fitbit Inspire 2 vs Fitbit Inspire 3

Fitbit recently announced its next-generation Sense 2 and Versa 4. Alongside them, Fitbit also announced the most affordable fitness tracker, Inspire 3. Under the hood, the Inspire 3 has a lot of similar features to Inspire 2. But, how do they differ from each other?

Fitbit Inspire 2 vs Fitbit Inspire 3

And, how much of an upgrade did Fitbit Inspire 3 have? Well, in this article, we are going to find them and point them out. So, let’s dive in.


Starting with the design, one of the biggest drawbacks of the Inspire 2 was its display, and it looks like Fitbit has filled this gap in Inspire 3. Unlike the monochrome display of Inspire 2, the Inspire 3 now has a bright and colorful always-on AMOLED display, so this is actually an exciting upgrade. Also, the Inspire 3 gets a complete redesign compared to Inspire 2. The Inspire 3 is wider, longer, and also slightly slimmer than Inspire 2. In terms of straps, both use the same premium silicone material and look almost similar. In addition, both fitness trackers have a water-resistant rating for up to 50 meters underwater.

Fitbit Inspire 3
Fitbit Inspire 3


Both fitness trackers come with a heart rate sensor, which can help you to track your heart rate trends over time. There are more features that are common to both fitness trackers, which are stress monitoring, skin temperature tracking, breathing session, menstrual health tracking, and most importantly, daily readiness score. Even though there is no ECG sensor, Inspire 3 supports irregular heart rhythm notifications, which can help you to detect AFib by using a PPG sensor

There is one notable difference between these two fitness trackers, and that is the SpO2 feature. The Inspire 3 has the ability to track it, whereas the Inspire 2 lacks it. Anyway, there is still no built-in EDA sensor and GPS. In case, if you need to use GPS, you can connect them to your smartphone to see real-time pace and distance on your wrist during outdoor activities. Moreover, both fitness trackers come with more than 20 exercise modes to deliver you real-time stats while doing workouts. They can even automatically detect your exercise. Maybe this is what Fitbit can provide for an affordable fitness tracker. Otherwise, as a basic fitness tracker, both are amazing.

Fitbit Inspire 2
Fitbit Inspire 2


Despite having a color display, Fitbit claims that the Inspire 3 can offer up to 10 days of runtime, which is the same as its predecessor. However, the battery life can drop down if you use the Inspire 3 with always-on display mode.

Wrapping Up

Fitbit Inspire 2 vs 3: Which One is Best?

In short – “The Fitbit Inspire 3 gets an exciting upgrade as a super affordable fitness tracker. It now has a colorful always-on AMOLED display, SpO2 feature, and irregular heart rhythm notification. For most people, it can be their first choice to take a step into fitness. Alongside all these features, both watches are almost similar, so Inspire 2 also isn’t bad at all.”

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