Facebook Portal Plus Review: A Smart Display for Video Calling?

Facebook Portal Plus

Facebook’s Portal smart displays are powerful but uneven communication tools. They have excellent cameras and support top video conferencing platforms. But sadly, you can not use these smart displays to make any phone call, and they are integrated into some apps in non-intuitive ways. In this article, we will review the 2021 edition of Facebook Portal Plus.

Form Factor

Design-wise, it looks like a thin yet large 14-inch tablet sitting on a speaker mount. It’s smaller than the last-gen 15.6-inch portal plus, and unlike its predecessor, it is stuck in a landscape orientation and can be tilted up or down accordingly. If you look closely, then you will find that it almost looks like Google’s Nest Hub Max. This is because the bezel of the nest hub max is thick, but it’s thin, and a camera bump in the middle of the screen. That is the real difference from nest hub max.


Moving to the display, well, with 2160 by 1400 HD resolution, the portal plus display offers sharp and detailed content that will make your video calling or movie watching experience better than before. Even, the screen is designed to adjust room light to make anything on display look more realistic. So no compromise on personal entertainment.


do video calls with family and friends. You want them to be able to see you clearly, after all. When we saw the Portal for the first time, we thought that its camera quality would be horrible, but no, we were wrong. It comes with a 12-megaPixel camera along with AR capabilities, allowing you to add fun filters to your face when you’re on a video chat. Even its Smart Camera adjusts automatically, so you can move freely from one seashore to another without leaving you out of the frame.


Sound Quality

Focusing on sound quality, well we’re expecting more from the Facebook portal plus. Tough on the side-by-side comparison with Echo Show 15, we found that the portal plus’s music delivery is better, but when it is all about immersion, it may disappoint you. But hey, you can pair one of your portable home speakers to crank your tunes.


With the built-in Alexa, you can do and see more with smart home compatibility. From your comfort zone, you can control portal-compatible smart appliances, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite chef cooking, and get weather updates and the whole world with a single magical phrase.


Okay, now let’s talk about Security. It’s difficult to discuss any Facebook product without acknowledging potential concerns with the company’s history, especially in regard to privacy. For directly keeping Facebook’s eyes and ears off of you, the privacy cover and switch for the cameras and mics on the Portal plus should do just fine. To limit what information Facebook retains from your use of the Portal+, just like whatever it keeps from any interaction you have on Facebook, you have to dig through your account’s privacy settings.

Bottom Line

The 2021 model of the Facebook Portal Plus has the sharpest screen we’ve seen on a smart display, but that isn’t enough to justify its premium over top competitors. But the choice is totally up to you. So, that is all about the Facebook Portal Plus just for you. We hope you find the content insightful. 

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