Facebook Portal Go Review: Smart Display With AI

Facebook Portal Go Review

Facebook Portal Go is a smart display that you can carry around the house and enjoy the ultimate video conference with your loved ones through social media. In addition, they can receive calls from you even if they don’t have any Portal. 

Unlike the other smart displays that are designed to sit on a flat surface, Facebook’s Portal Go takes a different approach. You can easily move Facebook’s Portal to your home since it’s completely wireless and has a convenient handle. It packs tons of video conferencing and media playback features, as well as a surprisingly robust web browser that allows you to always stay in touch with loved ones. Well, we would like to share an in-depth review of the Facebook Portal Go. So that being said, let’s get started.


At first glance, you will easily get confused since it has similarities with the Echo Show 8, especially the exterior. Both of them look identical, but the Portal Go is 10-inches. However, the portal Go’s Adaptive Screen Matches the color and lighting of the room to ensure you can enjoy the content without any reflection.

The outer shell is wrapped with fine-textured fabric, which provides a premium feel on hands, and the wide-to-height ratio with triangular shape design ensures better stability. 

Video Quality

Coming to the video quality, your kids will surely enjoy video conferences with Grandma as it has a 12 Mega Pixel Smart Camera with ultrawide Field of View that provides crystal-clear pictures. Plus, it uses AI to ensure everyone is in the frame and can zoom automatically no matter where the conversation goes. Even if someone enters the room, it widens to keep everyone in view. With AR Masks, backgrounds from Disney, Marvel and more, you can make video calling more fun. 

Sound & Noise Reduction

For personalized entertainment, you can fill any room with your favorite music. Its two Full Range Speakers and one Woofer are robust enough to deliver optimistic music all over your room. Moreover, Facebook’s smart display uses AI to minimize the background noise and enhance the voice quality. It becomes really helpful while you’re in a serious meeting and want to cut the noises that are coming from the kid’s room or from outside. However, If we compare it with the Echo Show 10, the Portable Go will fall slightly behind.

Social Media

Facebook Portal Go possesses great compatibility with Messenger, What’s app, Zoom and many more; you can easily stay connected with your beloved ones. Even if they don’t have any Portal device, they can still receive your phone calls. Interesting right?

Portability & Mobility

Nothing can beat this amazing device when it comes to portability. We have never seen a smart display that is completely wireless. It is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 14 hours, and according to The Verge Review, it stands up to 19-hours. So, you can maneuver with it wherever you want and run behind your kids without any worries.

Voice Assistant

Last but not least, we like to talk about Voice compatibility. Well, like most smart displays, this smart video calling device also supports Amazon Alexa to make your life easier, more meaningful, and more fun by letting you voice-control your world. Alexa can help you get more out of the things you already love and discover new possibilities you’ve never imagined. Such as asking Alexa to check who’s at the front door, adjusting room temperature from Thermostat, turning on the water heater to get a cozy bath and more.

So, these were the Facebook Portal Go Review just for you. Facebook’s Portal Go is a wonderful addition to the house if you make a lot of video calls. It works with a variety of calling applications and has excellent audio and video quality. This is a fantastic gadget for keeping in touch with loved ones.

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