BenQ DVY32 Zoom™ Certified Smart 4K UHD Conference Camera Review

DVY32 Zoom™ Certified Smart 4K UHD Conference Camera

While webcams are useful for viewing a single person, they have very little to offer when it comes to group meetings and conference rooms. They often lack the wide field of view which is needed to capture everyone in the room. A conference Camera, in this case, has the best solution. It has a wide viewing angle, with lots of smart features and a good microphone too.

The DVY32 from Benq is an admirable Conference Camera that has been certified by Zoom as well. We got the fortune to get our hands on one of these and will be unboxing, testing, and reviewing it for you. So, go through the rest of the article to see whether the camera lives up to its potential.


The camera comes in a small package, and upon opening it, we are greeted with some user manuals, followed by a USB 3.0 cable, a remote, and the conference camera itself, wrapped up in a white cover.


As a first impression, DVY32 looks slim and minimal. It has a gunmetal finishing where the silvery accent seems quite appealing. This camera measures about 7.09 inches long, 1.87 inches wide, and 1.73 inches deep. It also has an adjustable mount which is likely to fit most modern monitors or TVs without any hassle. We get to see the 4K Camera Sensor surrounded by 2 Omnidirectional Mics on the front, and on the back, we have a single USB 3.0 Port for sending out video signals.


The camera sensor has a 120-degree wide viewing angle that is perfect for small to mid-sized conference rooms. Moreover, it has a 5x digital zoom which focuses on people and objects that are needed to be shown. At the same time, the AI Auto Framing technology automatically adjusts the framing to keep everyone on screen. Plus, you get a total of 3 Preset Positions on the included remote that you can toggle with a simple press of a button.

As mentioned earlier, this is a high-resolution conference camera that can record at up to4K@30fps, 1080p@30 fps, and 30 fps on 720p resolution. It is also H.265 Encoding enabled which further ensures an admirable level of quality. Talking about quality, the enhanced low light performance on this thing ensures clearer images and makes sure that everyone is seen clearly regardless of the external lighting condition.


The 2 Omnidirectional Mics that we have talked about earlier sound amazing! It has noise-suppressing technology that blocks out background noise and distortion. Furthermore, the microphone can pick up audio from as far as 26 feet away so that everyone in the room is heard clearly without raising their voice.

Final Verdict

Everything considered the DVY32 is genuinely a fantastic 4K conferencing camera. It is also compatible with a wide range of conferencing apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex Meetings, Lync, and Skype. Moreover, as a premium camera, it has lots of value to offer for the price you pay. So, if you’re searching for a high-resolution conference camera with a good viewing angle, the BenQ DVY32 is a good option.

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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