DJI Avata: New First-person View (FPV) Drone from DJI?

DJI Avata

A few weeks ago DJI released Mini 3 Pro and already the rumor is back in action about the new FPV drone that DJI is working on. A series of leaked 3D models appeared on the internet, which indicates that it might come with a design like CineWhoop and go by the name Avata. Also, this could be the company’s first indoor drone with impressive features. Want to know more about this upcoming DJI Avata- New FPV drone? Just scroll down to the end of this article.

Design and Weight

A year ago, OsitaLV leaked an image of the Avata’s aeroshell, which would fit around the sensitive electronics. It also suggested that the drone will be small enough to fit right in the hand and has ducts for efficient cooling. Recently, OsitaLV also posted two images on Twitter that gives us an idea of what DJI Avata will look like. From the first image, as you can see, it has two downward-facing sensors at the bottom and ducted three-inch CineWhoop propellers with five blades. A higher number of blades means, it can generate more thrust and can give you more flexible control while flying it indoors.

However, the second image shows us the top of the drone, where you can locate the battery and camera assembly. It might also come with a single-axis gimbal to give better stability. According to another reliable leaker DealsDrone, the Avata might weigh around 500 grams. This is twice as heavy as the DJI’s latest drome Mini 3 Pro, which means you will need FAA registration to fly the Avata.


Coming to the camera quality, according to DealsDrone, the Avata’s camera will be comparable to the Mini 3 Pro, which means it might come with 48 Megapixel camera. Not only that, it might have a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor and 4K shooting capability at 60fps. If all of these rumors are true, it will be the perfect drone for filmmaking. This drone might look small but it’s durable and powerful enough to carry a compact camera like GoPro Hero. Also, it might come with EIS instead of a 3-axis gimbal to make footage smooth from its action camera even during the most dynamic movements. Rumors also indicate that the Avata won’t have any manual exposure mode. That is pretty weird for a drone that is made for filmmaking.


But It will have a head chase mode, vibration function, and a touchpad for the FPV glasses menu. Glasses can be connected to your phone to control the drone. All in all, you can get an easy flying experience with all these features. Furthermore, OsitaLV has also found the operation code of the app. And, it suggests that the model name for DJI Avata is WM169. So, what does that even mean! According to the patent, this is a classification as a class 12 vehicle, which refers to aerial vehicles like drones and UAVs.

Battery Life

For the battery life, the Avata might come with an improved battery life of about 20 minutes. A flight time of 20 minutes is more than enough for a drone like this. We all even know that the DJI came with an extended battery modular with Mini 3 Pro. Who knows, it might happen with the Avata.

Final Verdict

If everything goes right, the Avata might launch sometime between July and August 2022. And, for the price tag, there is no information about it yet. Overall, based on every leak and rumor, we can say that the DJI Avata might come with an improved camera and battery life.

Joe Pfeffer

Joe Pfeffer

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