DDR5 RAM: The Next Generation of Computer Memory

DDR5 RAM: What are the Brands Up to?

DDR5 is right around the corner, and brands have already begun preparing to flood the market with their version of DDR5 RAM. The  DDR5 RAM is couple times faster, efficient, and slim compared to the DDR4.

The next generation of RAM, DDR5, should be fully functional to consumers sometime in the fall of 2021. This new RAM technology promises that it will be faster, more efficient, and pack more RAM into a single stick compared to the DDR4. As we get closer and closer to the release date of DDR5 supporting platforms, brands have already begun preparing the kit of the DDR5 module with a twist of their own.


Samsung revealed several designs of the DDR5 memory module in this year’s Hot Chips 33 conference. These modules have teased their 512GB DDR5 RAM targeted towards data centers and high-powered PCs built for intensive usage.

According to Samsung’s claims, we will get to see 8-fold die stacks with 1-millimeter of height as opposed to the 4-fold, 1.2-millimeter ones that are on the current DDR4 Rams. This simply means that the RAM stick will be thinner, have better cooling, and have less memory error. It seems that Samsung is not planning on jumping ships from DDR4 to DDR5 until 2024.


PNY, on the other hand, is locked and loaded with their DDR5 RAM kit and is expected to flood the market, followed by the release of Intel’s Alder Lake later this year. Off the bat, these memories will run at 4,800MT per second, have a power draw as low as 1.1 Volts, and will feature on-die ECC support. Error Correcting Code or ECC in short, assists in reducing data corruption and has been quite popular in server memories. With the release of PNY’s DDR5 module, this technology is also making its way to the consumer segment.


There is currently no solid news about when Corsair will unveil their DDR5 module, they have provided hindsight of what to expect from them. According to Matt Woithe, Product Manager of Corsair, DDR5 will give off plenty of heat compared to the DDR4 modules as the VRM has been moved to the module itself.

To counter this, Corsairs will use their DHX technology which utilizes fins for effective heat dissipation for cooling of the chips as well as the inner portion of the module. Corsair has been using this technology on all of their Dominator series RAMs and will be continuing to do so on the DDR5 as well.


TeamGroup kept its promise of releasing DDR5 memory by the end of June. They are now up for grabs on Amazon and Newegg. The 32GB kit comes in a pack of two and is clocked at 4800MHz as a base speed. This 310 dollar kit is the very first DDR5 module to ever hit the market. The only problem is the unavailability of platforms supporting it, which will change very soon, followed by the release of Intel’s 12th gen processors.


ADATA hosted this year’s Xtreme Innovation Event online, showcasing a handful of next-gen hardware, including their upcoming DDR5 memory sticks. These DDR5 memories will offer up to 64Gigs of capacity at only 1.1 Volts of power and 8400 MT per second of speed. They have also revealed some information about their XPG variant with a whopping speed of 12600MT/s at only 1.6 Volts.

As we approach closer and closer to the DDR5 platform releases, popular brands keep improving upon the memory module to make it even better than it already is from the current generation. This new generation of RAM will bring lots of possibilities for super-fast multitasking and even greater gaming performance. So that was all we are currently expecting from DDR5 memory

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