CASEKOO Magic Stand Case for iPhone 14 Series

CASEKOO Magic Stand Cases for iPhone 14 Series

There are many different styles of cases available for the iPhone in the market. However, in most cases, these cases are not very practical. Some are way too bulky, while others don’t feel sturdy enough. And if you want a case that allows your phone to stand up, then your options are much more limited. But what if we were to tell you that there is a case you can get right now that is not only stylish but also durable and practical as well? Well, we are talking about the Casekoo Magic Stand Case!

Here are the specs of the Casekoo Magic Stand Case:

  • Colors: Deep Purple, Space Black, Clear, Blue
  • Materials: Polycarbonate (back)
  • Drop protection: SGS Certified Military-Grade Drop Protection (10 feet)
  • Camera Protection: 2.5mm raised bezels 
  • Screen Protection: 1.5mm raised bezels
  • MagSafe Compatible: Yes


If you like a clean aesthetic look, then you are definitely going to dig the design of the Casekoo Magic Stand Case. It is available in four different colors – purple, black, blue, and clear. The matte finish in the back will prevent any fingerprints and scratches, which also houses the stand. And once you put the case on, you are very unlikely to notice it there as it only adds about 2mm of extra thickness to the overall dimensions of your phone. 

There are protrusions for the power and volume buttons. You can also find the Casekoo logo on the side and on the stand, but the design is very discreet. Speaking of minimalistic designs, the stand has a very simple look with a flush finish and a gap on the top to pop it out. And to use the stand, simply place your finger in the gap and pull. Then you can place your phone on top of any table or flat surface. That way you can enjoy watching or reading content on your phone without requiring your hands. Lastly, the bezels around the camera and screen area are raised 2.5mm and 1.5mm, respectively, for protection against drops.

CASEKOO Magic Stand Cases for iPhone 14 Series

Build Quality

The first thing that we noticed when we unboxed this case is how nice it feels in the hands. The transparent backplane of the case is made out of CRYS-GEL, a material that is exclusively developed by Casekoo. It reduces the molecular gap of TPU by 1400 times, which effectively enhances the strength of the internal structure of the case. Moreover, the backplane is protected by a form of polycarbonate that is commonly used in riot shields. According to Casekoo, the Magic Stand has SGS-certified military-grade drop protection. Or in other words, the case is proven to protect your iPhone from even a 10-foot drop. And the sides of the case consist of a three-layer shockproof frame. But what really surprised us was the excellent grip of the case. So, you don’t have to worry about it slipping or sliding around.

What’s unique about the Casekoo Magic Stand Case is its anti-yellowing technology. Three special components are used to make this possible – Diamond Nano Coating, CRYS-GEL, and Blue Resin Coating. The Diamond Nano Coating prevents dirt from sticking to the surface of the case, reducing the penetration of macromolecular yellowing substances. CRYS-GEL is a crystal molecular filler created by Casekoo, which reduces the molecular gap between TPU and the accumulation of yellowing substances from penetrating into TPU. And finally, the Blue Resin Coating can neutralize the yellowing material inside TPU, helps remove micro-yellowing substances, and maintains long-lasting clarity. 

CASEKOO Magic Stand Cases for iPhone 14 Series

The Stand

The stand of Casekoo Magic Stand Case is definitely its standout feature. At a glance, it may look like an ordinary phone case stand, but there is a lot more to it! For instance, the kickstand consists of a built-in 48pcs magnetic ring structure, that has much stronger magnetism than any other similar product. What’s more is that it also supports MagSafe chargers and Qi-certified chargers, which makes it compatible for wireless charging, MagSafe battery packs, iPhone leather wallets, and many other MagSafe accessories

The kickstand itself can be used at an angle between 40° to 120°. Users can open the Magic Stand for more than 30,000 times before it starts to deteriorate. And given how flexible this stand is, you can keep your iPhone either horizontally or vertically without having to worry about it falling over.

CASEKOO Magic Stand Cases for iPhone 14 Series

Our Takeaway

The Casekoo Magic Stand Case is currently available for iPhone 14 series of phones. Its simple aesthetics complement the iPhone’s iconic design language. Couple that with fingerprint, scratch, and shock resistance, SGS-certified military-grade drop protection, excellent compatibility with MagSafe accessories, and the impressive versatility of the kickstand, makes the Casekoo Magic Stand Case truly stand apart from every other case out there. 

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