Arlo Pro 5S vs Arlo Pro 4: Which Intelligent Security Camera For You?

Arlo Pro 5S vs Arlo Pro 4

In a world where break-ins and theft loom as constant threats, ensuring the safety of your property can be a daunting task. However, with the advancements in home surveillance, protecting your home has become more accessible than ever.

Enter home wireless security cameras, with Arlo standing tall as one of the industry’s leading brands. The Arlo Pro 5S vs Pro 4 are both smart security cameras, and one has slightly more features than the other, but their prices are vastly different. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to decide between Arlo Pro 5S and Pro 4. At first glance, the Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 5s cameras may seem similar, but the question arises: which one holds the upper hand? Is splurging on the Pro 5s worth it, or can you save some bucks by opting for the Pro 4?

Fear not, as we delve into these queries in this comprehensive overview. We will explore the features and advantages of both cameras, enabling you to make an informed decision and choose the perfect match for your needs.

Arlo Pro 5S vs Arlo Pro 4

The Arlo pro 5S and the pro 4 are both smart outdoor security cameras, but the predecessor, the pro 4 is a slightly less fancy version of the pro 5S. However, these two have pretty similar features. What exactly is the difference between these two, and which one suits you well? That’s exactly what we are going to find out here.

Resolution & Night Video

They both capture amazing footage, and they both support video up to 2K resolution. It’s a huge win for Arlo Pro 4 since it’s pretty old, and that’s a significant increase in resolution. Plus, both of them allow you to zoom up to 12 times (12x), ensuring you can see objects clearly that are far away.

In addition to color night vision, the two products also offer integrated spotlights for capturing movement after dusk.

Feature & Spec List

If you’re looking for something that will capture the entirety of your yard, both of these security cameras have you covered. With a 160-degree viewing angle, you will stay aware of what is happening there. Beyond that, both support full duplex 2-way audio, auto track, zoom, and much more. 

Runtime & Connectivity

Well, the similarities pretty much end here, and arlo pro 5s has extended runtime. Whereas Arlo pro 4 can last up to 6 months on a single charge, the pro 5s can stand up to 8 months without any hiccups. That’s a relief for your shoulders. Apart from that, you can also connect both of them through a power plug to cut the hassle of recharging.

Additionally, only Arlo Pro 5s is compatible with dual-band wifi networks. That means the wifi range is extended and you can install it far away from your wifi router. As an additional benefit, the Pro 5S remains connected to other Arlo devices even when the internet or power goes out.

Smart Home Integration

Arlo Pro 4 works seamlessly with most of the cross-platform, including IFTTT and HomeKit. From a report, we found that the pro 5s is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa support will be available soon.

Moreover, like other Arlo devices, the pro 5s connects to the Arlo Secure app, which acts as a control center for your security system. And with the app, you can set geofences, set alarms, create schedules, and monitor your home. The ultimate control is right at your fingertips.


Setting up both cameras is a breeze, thanks to the convenient magnetic mount that comes included. Forget about complicated wiring because it’s not needed here. Plus, you can effortlessly swap out the rechargeable batteries whenever necessary. Once everything is in place, simply download the user-friendly Arlo app and utilize it to configure your camera. From there, managing and monitoring your camera becomes a piece of cake, all at your fingertips.

Final Verdict

The most important question: which one should you buy?

“In short – It depends on the features and specifications you’re looking for, but technically the Arlo 5S has better features. But we don’t feel the addition of some extra features is worth the extra cost. Most importantly, Arlo Pro 4 is almost identical to the Arlo Pro 5S, and it doesn’t cost a fortune either. So, if you don’t have to spend much for a security camera, then we highly recommend you to go for the Arlo Pro 4, otherwise, Pro 5S is pretty decent enough. So, that was all about the Arlo Pro 5S Vs Pro 4 just for you.”

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