Are 32″ Monitors Too Big for Gaming or Office Work?

Are 32 Monitors Too Big for Gaming or Office Work

When looking for a new monitor, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of options to choose from. While taking resolution and refresh rate into consideration, another significant aspect to consider is the screen size. 

Larger screen sizes may be tempting to many of us because we expect a more immersive experience from them. But, a 32-inch monitor, the average screen size of televisions, may not be ideal for all users or purposes. This raises the question – are 32” monitors too big for gaming or office work?

“32-inches monitors are ideal for gamers who play slow-paced games and prefer a more immersive experience over speed. But for competitive, fast-paced, and reflex-based gaming, 32-inch monitors are just too big. On the other hand, for office work and creative projects, larger screen size will be a really good fit as it provides more space for the user to utilize.”

That was the quick answer. However, to better understand and make a wise buying decision, we need to look deep into it.

How Are Monitor Sizes Measured?

Monitor sizes are measured just like television screen sizes – diagonally, by the distance between the opposite corners. A 24-inch monitor’s actual screen size is approximately 12-inch in length and 20-inch in width. For every additional diagonal inch, the screen size gets significantly larger. 

How Are Monitor Sizes Measured?

For example, you want to increase the screen size of a 24-inch monitor by two diagonal inches to 26-inch. To do that, you will have to increase the length and width by two inches as well. The new length is 14-inch, and the new width is 22-inch. Now, find the area before and after changing the sizes. The old area was 240 square inches, whereas the new area becomes 308 square inches. Just by increasing two diagonal inches, you get an additional 68 square inches of space.

Is A 32” Monitor Too Big?

A 32” monitor is not too big for daily use, such as watching movies, streaming videos, and office work. But it may be too big for gaming. A 32” monitor may also be too big for you if you do not have a large enough desk or if you need to sit too close to it.

With that said, let’s see where a 32-inch monitor is appropriate and where it is not.

For Gaming

Is a 32-inch screen too big for gaming? Well, the answer depends on what type of gamer you are. While a 32-inch monitor may be perfect for a slow-paced gamer, it is not recommended for a fast-paced, competitive gamer. Moreover, you cannot sit too close to the screen as you risk damaging your eyes.

For gaming on a large screen like a 32-inch display, your eyes will need to move around a wide space, traveling large distances and tracking to the periphery to see the information. Therefore, your reaction time will be slower. In slow-paced games, where an immersive experience is more important than quick actions, a 32-inch monitor can elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level. You can fully enjoy the wide field of view and take in the beautiful surrounding of the game world. Such games may include the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, etc.

For Gaming 32” Monitor

However, if you are into competitive and fast-paced games, a 32-inch monitor may not be the best choice. In fact, pro gamers recommend a screen size of 24-inch to 28-inch for the best performance. When playing games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, DOTA, Forza, Valorant, Call of Duty, and other similar titles that require quick reactions, a 32-inch monitor will slow you down and lower your performance. Moreover, you will suffer from dizziness, eye strain, and neck pain by moving your eyes, neck, and head too quickly and too frequently.

For Office Work

A 32-inch monitor is perfect for office work, especially when you have to deal with large documents and spreadsheets. Unlike smaller screens, you can see lots of information at once on a 32-inch monitor without scrolling down or having to change windows. Therefore, it improves your work efficiency and helps you focus better.

Getting a 32-inch monitor diminishes the need for using multiple smaller monitors as well. Using multiple monitors is common at workplaces because it helps compare and work with multiple documents and applications at the same time. With the wide view of a 32-inch monitor, you can save the cost and space of adding an extra monitor. However, you will need to maintain a certain distance between your eyes and the monitor. 

32” Monitor For Office Work

For Programming

Programmers need to ensure accuracy and be focused while writing and editing codes for hours. Experienced programmers recommend a screen size of 30” to 40”. A 32” monitor displays a great deal of information with a 100% readable scale. You can also multitask more efficiently.

Such a wide view and scope of work is simply not possible with a small screen. On the other hand, if the screen is too large, your eyes and neck may become strained from excessive movements during programming. 

For Designing and Editing

A 32-inch monitor is also perfect for designers, editors, and animators. When you work with visual elements, a larger view helps you to get a better perspective of the project. On a 32-inch screen with high resolution, you will be able to work better with details, making your texturing and modeling tasks easier and more accurate.

With a 32-inch monitor, you can view more objects to work with at once, which can boost and evolve your ideation process. Moreover, you will be able to work with multiple windows and applications simultaneously. However, if your screen is too large, you may suffer from dizziness, eye strain, and neck strain, just like in the previous cases mentioned.

32” Monitor For For Designing and Editing

For Watching Movies and Streaming Videos

For watching movies and shows, people always prefer larger screens. The larger the screen size, the better the viewing experience is. With a high-resolution 32-inch monitor, you will get a wide and clear view while watching your favorite shows and relaxing on your bed or couch. But, of course, it will not be as immersive and cinematic as it would be with an 80-inch TV.

What Is the Optimal Resolution for a 32-Inch Monitor?

A native resolution of 1440p or more is the optimal resolution for a 32-inch monitor. If you have the budget and a powerful GPU, a 4K resolution will be the best option.

To explain it further, all monitors with different screen sizes but the same resolution will have the same exact number of pixels. A 24-inch monitor with a resolution of 1080p will display crisp images as the pixels are clustered together. However, on a 32-inch monitor with 1080p resolution, the pixels will be more stretched out. Therefore, the images, videos, and games will look far worse on it.

How Far Should You Sit from a 32-Inch Monitor?

How far you should sit from a 32-inch monitor depends on its resolution. If the monitor comes with a resolution of 1440p QHD, you should sit at least 3.2ft or 98cm away from it, but not further than 4.3ft or 131cm. For 4K resolution, the range is 2ft (61cm) to 4.3 ft (131cm).

How far you should sit from a 32-inch monitor depends on its resolution

If you sit too close to the monitor, your field of view will not be able to accommodate the whole screen. Therefore, the constant movement of the eyes and neck will cause fatigue and pain. Moreover, you will be able to notice individual pixels ruining the experience. On the other hand, if you sit too far, you will lose the benefit of high resolution and QHD. The further away you will go, the worse quality resolution you will see, with blurred and low image quality. 

Bottom Line

To sum it up, 32-inch monitors are suitable, maybe even better, for office work, programming, editing, designing, animating, watching movies, and other daily tasks. They are also great for slow-paced gaming that offers an immersive experience and a detailed world to explore. However, for fast-paced, reflex-based, and competitive gaming, 32-inch monitors are too big. In any case, before buying a 32-inch monitor, make sure the resolution is at least 1440p, and you have a large enough desk to accommodate it. Lastly, to prevent eye strain, neck pain, and a lousy viewing experience, avoid sitting too close or far from the monitor.

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