Apple Pencil 2 vs Surface Slim Pen 2: Which One is the Best Stylus?

Apple Pencil 2 vs Surface Slim Pen 2

Microsoft Surface event had some mind-blowing devices to look out for, and they have also introduced a whole new revamped stylus, Surface Slim Pen 2, to go with the surface tablets or laptops. This can certainly ensure greater productivity and enhance your overall surface tablet or even the duo 2 user experience. And, to find out how much this new surface pen offers, nothing can be a more efficient way than comparing its features with another best stylus, the Apple Pencil 2.

Surface Pen vs Apple Pencil 2

So, in this article, we will be showing an overall comparison between the second generation of Surface Slim Pen and the Apple pencil to let you know which one is the best.


It’s been a while since we saw both Microsoft and Apple launching their own stylus, and they have introduced us to a whole new upgraded version of the pen. Starting with the form factor, you will find the surface slim 2 slightly flattened, making it more comfortable to grip. And its shiny looks are sure to give you a more premium vibe. On the other hand, the Apple pencil 2 is slightly bigger, giving you an exact pencil-like feeling. Besides, it has a blunt tip that makes it quite perfect for sketches and casual drawings.

Pressure and Sensitivity

The slim 2 comes with a sharper pen tip and an improved design to let you approach the screen at a perfect 77° tilt for ultra-precise shading and an exceptional 4,096 points of pressure sensitivity. Besides, it features a whole new Zero-Force inking technology, which detects when it’s near the display. As a result, you will find less delay between touching the screen and seeing what you’ve drawn appearing on it. Apple pencil 2 also has accurate pressure sensitivity and a 9 millisecond response time, so you will find it ultra-responsive while writing or drawing on the iPads. Yet, the slim 2 seems more effective while drawing due to its ergonomic holding shape.

Apple Pencil 2
Apple Pencil 2


With surface slim 2, you will get a whole new feature for a more natural drawing experience. It’s the haptic motor designed to give you tactical feedback on your hand while writing. Though it only supports the newly launched Surface Pro 8 or Surface Laptop Studio, using the stylus with these devices will certainly give a more paperlike writing experience. The apple pencil 2 offers a touch surface to deal with multiple functionalities, for instance, you can double-tap to switch between different apps. On the contrary, slim 2 has side and top buttons for functionalities such as erasing texts.

Surface Slim Pen 2
Surface Slim Pen 2

Wireless Charging

Charging your surface slim 2 is pretty convenient, and with its wireless charging capabilities, it’s always ready to unleash your creativity. Besides, you will find dedicated storage in the Surface Pro Signature Keyboard or Surface Laptop Studio. And, for charging the Apple pencil, it magnetically attaches on top of the iPads and charges automatically. However, you won’t be able to use the styluses without enough juice.

Final Verdict

“So, overall, the Surface slim 2 offers more than the Apple pencil 2, and with its whole new features, it certainly is a worthy upgrade as both the stylus have similar price tags. Besides, it’s been quite some time since Apple refreshed its Pencil, so it’s high time Apple introduced the next generation of Apple pencils with some more upgrades.

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