Apple AR Glass Leaks: Soon to be Launched?

Apple AR Glass Leaks

Pretty sure you can remember the time when you thought about the future, you thought about glasses that could interact with the world around you. Well, the future is here, at least it looks like it. Apple being Apple and always taking technology a step further than its peers, is allegedly working on a new pair of glasses the internet likes to call “Apple Glass”. Google has tried but failed to deliver, and the name “Apple Glass” is going all over the internet. But, what exactly is this new tech, and what should be expected from it? 

Apple AR Glass Leaks

Rumors spanning for over a number of years, a handful of recent leaks we’ve gathered actually show up a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, as Apple just might be working on their latest technological innovation behind closed doors at Apple HQ, tentatively called the “Apple Glass”.

This is not Apple’s first rodeo in the world of VR though, since we are already familiar with the AR/VR headset which is supposed to be released in ‘22 or ‘23. We’re assuming Apple might put all the data they can gather from the first-gen headset in order to deliver us fully functioning, perfect, and admirable AR glasses! Jon Prosser, who has a reputation for providing accurate info about tech before its release, talked about a lot of key details in this report. First off, according to him, the name’s official, it’ll be called “Apple Glass”.

Let’s break down the design rumors. When we talk about AR Glasses, it’s hard not to remember the brilliant but ill-fated demise of Google Glass. Being TOO far-fetched of an idea, the glasses failed horribly. Apple sure did their homework and is trying to make the pair of glasses look like ordinary, everyday glasses which can be used in tandem with your prescription. This is a big change for Apple when comparing it with their ski-mask-themed design of the first gen AR headset that’s probably gonna be released next year. While not much info on the exact dimensions, Prosser did mention a prototype consisting of a plastic body, but he’s sure the material will change before being revealed to the general public.


In terms of looks, we can all take a breath of relief realizing how wearing them will NOT make you stand out like a nerd in the 80s with giant glass blocks similar to Google Glass. The Apple Glass will feature displays within both lenses and will be visible only to the viewer, keeping your privacy in check.


Here’s another thing worth mentioning, according to the Japanese Publication Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Sony has been given the responsibility of providing Apple with OLED Microdisplays to be used in the upcoming glasses. FRAMOS, who’s a well-known supplier of embedded vision tech commented on Sony’s OLED microdisplays being small yet mighty while providing blazing fast response rates, and a wide color gamut while reflecting as low light as possible, making sure our dream concept of AR glasses are true, in the works, if not coming true right out of the blue.


Now, this might strike a nerve, but according to Prosser again, the glasses will NOT be housing an onboard camera like the Google Glass, which had a ton of issues regarding privacy, but will instead be going with a LiDAR sensor, which is being used by the latest iPhones and iPad Pros all around the world. It works by bouncing light off of a subject and recording the time it takes to return. This tech is often used in high-tech, self-driven, prototype cars. Prosser confirms how Apple Glass’s team is currently using every bit of data they get from the existing devices to improve the upcoming AR experience. If all goes well, we will also be having the ability to detect front-facing gestures for input, with touch panels on the glasses themselves.


In terms of battery, Prosser said it’ll be powered by a built-in battery which will be Qi-compatible, while the Glass’s Starboard UI will be done through your iPhone. This idea is also backed by a report from Bloomberg, which suggests the glasses will run on their own operating system that’ll be allegedly titled “rOS”.

Final Say

Now, how much would the future of technology cost? Now, do take this with a little bit of skepticism, but considering the ability to power the glass with your iPhone could pave the way for Apple to keep the price tag well within reach, say around 1000$, considering we’re living in a world where iPhones and iPads are almost at the same price level as the MacBook Pro. But, Prosser claims it’ll be affordable. 

And, with Prosser claiming how Apple had the talks of revealing the glasses alongside the iPhone 12 in October 2020 didn’t really end up being true, for now, according to sources from Bloomberg, the glasses have been in early development in 2021, and still need a few more years to perfection, despite their 2023 planning. In the meantime, we gotta see how the AR/VR headset will fare, since it’s coming out earlier, which should give us a glimpse on what we’re about to see. We’ll be back with more updates regarding the glasses as soon as we get more info on them. 

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