Akaso Brave 8 vs Go Pro Hero 11: Which One to Get?

Akaso Brave 8 vs Go Pro Hero 11

As everyone knows, GoPro has increased its action camera lineup with GoPro Hero 11, which is almost identical to the previous model except in some cases, yet costing it more. On the other hand, we have Akaso Brave 8, which is also an excellent action camera considering its price range. 

Akaso Brave 8 vs Go Pro Hero 11

Now the big question is, is it actually worth spending more than 200 bucks for GoPro Hero 11 or Akaso Brave 8 will just do the job for you? Let’s see you by comparing them.

The main difference between Akaso Brave 8 vs Go Pro Hero 11 is – “GoPro Hero 11 is expensive, but it has so much potential in it. The stability is amazing, the video quality is smooth, color grading and dynamic range are on top. But for mediocre performance, the Akaso Brave 8 can be a good choice considering the price. It offers versatile mounting options as well as a decent enough camera performance to be a suitable choice for budget users. We know Akaso doesn’t make flagship action cameras, but proper tweaks and slight improvements in software can make a difference.”

SpecificationAkaso Brave 8Go Pro Hero 11
Sensor Type1/2″-Type CMOS SensorCMOS Sensor
Sensor Resolution48 Megapixel27 Megapixel
MemorymicroSD/microSDHC [512 GB Maximum]microSD/microSDHC (UHS-III) [512 Maximum / U3/V30 or Faster Recommended]
Slow Motion Mode2.7K on 120 fps2.7K on 240 fps
Display TypeFixed Touchscreen LCDFixed LCD
WirelessBluetoothWi-Fi, Bluetooth
Battery1550 mAh1720 mAh


The Akaso Brave 8 looks almost identical to the GoPro Hero 11. Even the Brave 8 has a dual-screen design, great job Akaso. The front screen can be pretty helpful while self-vlogging and is bright enough for clear visibility even when outdoors. Besides, the Brave 8 is paperweight and slightly consolidated compared to the Hero 11, which makes it more compatible to use with gimbals. Being compact in size, you will have a 1.1-inch front display and a 1.7-inch touch display on the Brave 8 whereas the bigger GoPro Hero 11 sports 1.4-inch and 2.27-inch screens. So, basically, you will find more viewing angles in the GoPro Hero 11. And, yes, Brave 8 doesn’t have any mounting fingers like Hero 11, but it comes with tons of mounting accessories.

Camera Features

By going through the camera specs, you will find, the Akaso Brave 8 features a powerful 1/2-inch CMOS sensor that allows you to capture 4K videos at 60fps. And, you can snap your favorite photos with a 48 Megapixel sensor. On the contrary, Hero 11 equips an improved GP2 sensor to push the boundaries of cinematic footage. With hero 11, you can capture 5.3K videos at 60fps. And, it uses 27 Megapixels for high-resolution photos. 

Go Pro Hero 11

Till now we have seen so many differences between these two cameras. Now, what really does matter is their camera quality. Though the camera quality for brave 8 isn’t as good as hero 11, Akaso did manage to provide clear footage in good lighting conditions. In some cases, you might find the color fading a bit away, but hey, you are getting what you are paying for. The highlights on the GoPro are better for obvious reasons. The Hero 11 offers a solid color range, skin tones are not brighter, and the sky isn’t shady. The dynamic range on the Akaso Brave 8 is slightly better than GoPro, which we found when capturing footage side by side. The Hero 11 also takes the lead in terms of wide-angle view as well, you will get a super wide view, which allows you to capture more viewing angles.

Video Quality

Regarding slow-motion videos, GoPro Hero 11 offers to record 2.7K videos at 240fps. On the other hand, the Akaso Brave 8 also can record 2.7K videos but only at 120fps. Well, you can get 400fps with the Akaso Brave 8, but you have to keep the quality at 720p. Definitely, it makes the video slower than the GoPro Hero 11, but the clarity could have been a bit better. 

Moreover, both cameras are not quite good at low light. But, GoPro Hero 11 is far better than the Akaso Brave 8. So, it would be a wise choice to capture with brave 8 in good lighting conditions.


The Akaso Brave 8 delivers average performance. If you run or ride a mountain bike with Brave 8, the stability feels a bit shaky. Whereas, the GoPro Hero 11’s stability is top-notch. It uses HyperSmooth 5.0 to give you incredibly smooth footage. Not only that, it automatically determines the stability based on the shake. 

Akaso Brave 8


Finally, the battery life. GoPro Hero 11 comes with bigger battery life compared to the Akaso Brave 8. Here, Hero 11 is equipped with a 1720mAh battery, which is more durable than the previous model. And, the Akaso Brave 8 has a 1550mAh battery. So, obviously, you will get more runtime with the GoPro Hero 11.

Our Takeaway

Now, there’s something you should know about the Akaso Brave 8, which is actually not from the good side. As you know, to activate the Akaso Brave 8, you need to connect it via an app, and initially it took us a few restarts to connect the Brave 8 with it. The camera menu and the app UI were pretty disorienting too. Furthermore, while testing the Brave 8 camera quality, we faced an extreme heating issue. Brave 8 Akaso should focus more on the software side to fix issues like these.

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