YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger Review

YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger Review

If you’re a fan of the Apple ecosystem, chances are your drawers are filled with iPhones, Apple Watch, and AirPods. There’s no denying that Apple loves to be simplistic in design, but what about charging? How many cords and chargers do you have at home for each of your devices?

We know that each device has a different cable and a unique charging method, so keeping them all charged may be a hassle. Well, that’s when a 3-in-1 wireless charging station comes to the rescue.

When a single 3-in-1 wireless charger can fit everything, why go to all that trouble? These charging stations are ideal for centrally charging all of your gadgets. They also make sure your setup appears distinctive and is free of clutter. Another advantage of using a charging station is that you only need a single electrical outlet. Investing in these kinds of charging stations will be extremely beneficial if you possess an iPhone, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watch.

So, let’s meet the SENSE3, the no-look wireless charging pad for all devices. You can keep any 3 devices in any position, and they will charge instantly. 

YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger

YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger is a no-look, position-free wireless charging power bank for Apple and Qi-compatible devices. If your nightstand is cluttered with cables for your Apple products, it’s time to streamline it with a wireless charging pad.


Battery: High-Density Polymer

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh

USB Output: 5V-1.5A

Wireless Output: 5W-15W

Type-C Input: 9V-3A to 15V-3A

Type-C Output: 5V-1.5A to 12V-1.6A

Design and Convenience

With minimalist good looks and advanced internal technology, SENSE3 is crafted with Apple-inspired design aesthetics and built with superior components for effortless “no-look” charging convenience. It comes in a slimmer design and thinner body, lighter than iPhone 14 pro.

The wireless charging pad is designed in a way that allows the charger quickly detects when a smartphone is placed on it using an advanced ARM processor and it then starts charging. You can casually put your smartphone anywhere on the pad thanks to six internal charging coils. With 6 specialized 47mm & 13uh coils within, SENSE3’s inductance has increased by 105% compared to standard 42mm coils, and the charging area and efficiency have increased by 15%.

YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger

Compatibility and Capacity

The YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charging pad offers seamless position-free rapid wireless charging. From Apple products like iPhone, AirPods, and iPad to Qi standard devices are fully compatible with this wireless charger. In fact, you can charge three of your device simultaneously. 

SENSE3 is ideal for both wired and wireless charging with its input & output capacity. It offers 15W wireless output for iPhone 12, 13, and 14, 20W max wired output that can even charge your small laptop and iPad Pro, and 25W max output for wirelessly charging 2 devices & wired charging 1 device at once.

YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger

Optimum Charging

Powered by the ARM-Based Chip, the AI-Driven algorithms let SENSE3 recognize devices and charging statuses quickly. Consequently, heat production is reduced, charging efficiency is increased, and it is fully compatible with all devices.

This portable 10,000mAh Power Bank offers maximum of 25W output and 18W PD output, so you can easily charge up to 3 devices at once, wired and wirelessly, together. Moreover, SENSE3 recharges itself while wirelessly charging other devices when plugged into an outlet, so you won’t have to accidentally leave the house with a dead battery. You can charge up your pad in just 3.5 hours.

YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger Review

AI-Driven Safety Feature

It comes with heat prevention and auto cooling. The 8 single-layer NPO ceramic capacitors inside SENSE3 can maintain ultrastable, predictable temperatures. Thus even after extended outdoor use, the charging pad doesn’t get heated. The pad also includes Foreign Object Detection (FOD) and deactivates power transmission to protect the device when any foreign metal objects are on the charging pad.

Say Goodbye To Cable Clutter

Using the YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger is far more ideal, instead of running three cables to three adapters to keep each of your Apple gadgets charged. There’s no need to have dedicated areas for your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone.

YTREES SENSE3 Wireless Charger
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