DJI 2022 Product Lineup: Will DJI Launch Mini 3?

DJI Mini 3

DJI has been the go to brand for so many years now, as they have produced some of the industry leading drones with high end features. From pocketable compact cameras to high end filming gears, DJI gets you all covered. And, if you want to see from the bird’s eyes, DJI has got that too. DJI drones are undoubtedly the best and most anticipated prosumer drones available in the market. And, a recently leaked roadmap of DJI suggests, we are about to see some more drones in 2022 from DJI. Are you interested in looking into whether DJI is likely to launch the mini 3, and also the company’s upcoming product lineup? Well, in this article, we’ll discuss the rumored upgrades and features of the DJI mini 3. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Will We Have DJI Mini 3 This Year?

Last year in December, DealsDrone shared a picture on twitter that shows the timeline of DJI products in 2022. The roadmap seems a combination of speculation based on previous launching events. And, since then more leaks of the DJI mini 3 started to appear. According to the roadmap that has been published on twitter, this compact drone is likely to get launched around April. But there was no further information about any of the products.

Another tweet from notable leaker OsitaLV shared a sketch of the Mini 3, that also showed some of the features and design of the drone. Based on what OsitalV shared, the new drone is likely to come up with an all-new aerodynamic design packed in a Carbon fiber skeleton body. DJI drones are already immensely durable and it seems they are likely to increase the endurance capability even more.

As for the propellers, DJI might increase the size to ensure more stability and the sketch also shows the arms might be slanted downwards. This will certainly allow you to fly the drone with more confidence even in windy conditions. And, even with all the upgrades, the mini 3 will still be weighing less than 250 grams, meaning you will be able to fly it in many restricted areas as well.

The camera sensor is also likely to be upgraded for the upcoming drone. The present mini comes with a 1/2.3-inch sensor that can capture 4K videos at up to 30 frames per second. OsitalV shares that the mini 3 might come up with a larger sensor, but this might not allow the drone for a higher resolution. Rather the new sensor will capture more lights for capturing shots at darker environments with a higher FPS.

Previously, the mini 2 had a downward obstacle sensor for ground detection, but the upcoming drone is likely to have Forward, backward, and downward obstacle sensors for avoiding objects from every side. So, it is likely to be a great drone for beginners as well.

OsitalV also suggests that DJI might provide a larger battery capacity for extended battery life. Currently, the mini 2 can fly for around 31 minutes, so even a slight extension in battery life will make the drone great for capturing your desired shots.

FPV Mini Rumors

However, the timeline also shows an FPV version of the mini drone, which is likely to get introduced in the second quarter of 2022. Though there isn’t much information about the FPV mini, this will make capturing cinematic shots in tiny spaces easier. So, we have nothing to do but wait till we get any further information on the FPV mini.

Ending Thoughts

Nevertheless, based on the rumored features, the mini 3 is surely going to be a huge upgrade compared to its predecessor. And with such capabilities, this will be a drone to look out for. However the dates are up in the air, so stay tuned for further updates for this possible future product.

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