Will a Wi-Fi Extender Help With Lag? You Need to Know the Reasons

Will A Wi-Fi Extender Help With Lag?

One of the most frequent problems experienced by Wi-Fi users is poor connectivity. This problem generally happens if your Wi-Fi range is limited. A Wi-Fi extender can be used to solve this problem.

But what is a Wi-Fi extender? A Wi-Fi extender is a device that increases a wireless network’s signal strength and range. Many consider this an ideal solution for expanding your Wi-Fi connection to a dead zone in your house or workplace. A Wi-Fi extender helps you improve your network coverage without affecting latency.

Lag is a huge problem for Wi-Fi users. So, will a Wi-Fi extender help with lag? Well, it may not be the ideal solution for lag as there are quite a few limitations to it. Let’s see how this device works.

How Does a Wi-Fi Extender Work?

Wi-Fi extender has the ability to boost the connection quality of your network and help reduce lag. But how does a Wi-Fi extender increase the network’s range throughout your home?

How Does a Wi-Fi Extender Work?

Well, a Wi-Fi extender functions by rebroadcasting the internet signal, which means it’s a device that connects to your Wi-Fi network to duplicate and rebroadcast it. The extender has to be placed halfway between the Wi-Fi router and the dead zone in order to function properly. So, the device needs to be close enough to the router and far enough away from the dead zone so the signal can be easily picked up. 

Pros and Cons of a Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi extenders have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. First, let’s have a look at some of the key reasons why you should install a Wi-Fi extender. 

Benefits of using a Wi-Fi Extender

  • You don’t need to change your router to set up a Wi-Fi extender as it can normally connect and operate with any router.
  • An extender can greatly expand the range of your network; if placed properly, you can even obtain service outside of your house, such as in your garden or backyard.
  • These devices are pretty compact and don’t take up much space. It can easily be plugged into any socket.

Drawbacks of using a Wi-Fi Extender

  • The Wi-Fi extender amplifies the Wi-Fi range to a greater distance, but it also reduces bandwidth. That means you will experience a speed reduction compared to what you were previously getting due to the Wi-Fi extender. So, if speed is one aspect that matters most to you, a Wi-Fi extender may not be the ideal solution.
  • The performance of a Wi-Fi extender starts deteriorating when the network is too congested by several users or downloads.

What Impact Does a Wi-Fi Extender Have On Gaming?

Generally speaking, connecting your game console directly using a LAN cable is more preferable than playing games via a Wi-Fi connection. The reason for this is that a hard-wired solution has substantially lower latency. Connecting to a Wi-Fi extender can further increase your latency levels than using a standalone Wi-Fi router when playing fast-paced online games. That is not to mention you will experience more lag if you get a cheap, low-quality Wi-Fi extender. However, a Wi-Fi extender is great when playing slower-paced games that are less adversely impacted by latency difficulties, like single player games. 

Will A Wi-Fi Extender Help With Lag?

“A Wi-Fi extender will not help you with lag as it has too many restrictions”. For example, you must position the Wi-Fi extender as close to the router as possible. To get the maximum performance out of the Wi-Fi extender, you must ensure it has a clear line of sight to your router. 

Will A Wi-Fi Extender Help With Lag?

Another reason why it’s not an ideal solution to reduce lag is because the performance of a Wi-Fi extender will differ based on its quality. Cheap Wi-Fi extenders often provide inferior performance, slower speeds, and fewer features which can lead to greater latency. And if you’re a gamer, Wi-Fi extenders and competitive online games are not the best combination. In that case, you need to invest in a more expensive Wi-Fi extender, which may still not be enough. Lastly, there’s also a user count barrier as well. As more people connect to your network, there is a greater possibility that speeds may go down.

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